You're welcome is the seventeenth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately one minute and thirty-nine seconds in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel jumps out of the hotel window and onto a scaffolding above ground. He looks over and sees a corpse, with a rifle in hand, sitting in a couch. Joel grabs the rifle.]

Hunter #1: [Far away.] They haven't gotten back yet.

Joel: [Quickly ducks.] Oh shit!

Hunter #2: [Far away.] What the hell is taking 'em so long?

Hunter #1: I don't know, they went to check on 'em. For now, we wait.

Joel: [Ellie climbs in through the window behind him. Whispers] Come here. Keep your head down. [Ellie crouches beside Joel.] Alright now...I'm gonna jump down there and I'm gonna clear us a path.

Ellie: [Looks at Joel] What about me?

Joel: You stay here.

Ellie: [Frustrated.] This is so stupid. We'd have more a fucking chance if you'd let me help--

Joel: I am! [Momentarily looks over and grabs rifle.] Now you seem to know your way around a gun. [Presents to Ellie.] You reckon you can handle that?

Ellie: [Pauses.] Well, uh, I sorta shot a rifle before. [Takes rifle.] But it was at rats.

Joel: [Concerned.] Rats?

Ellie: With BB's.

Joel: [Reluctant.] Well, its the same basic concept. Lift it up. [Ellie lifts rifle.] Alright now, [Maneuvers Ellie's position.] you're gonna wanna lean right into that stock, 'cause that is gonna kick a hell of a lot more than any BB rifle.

Ellie: [Tilts head.] Okay.

Joel: Go ahead and pull that bolt back. [Preforms motion with hands.] Grab it right there. [Ellie grabs.] Just tug it. [Ellie reloads.] There you go. Now as soon as you fire, you're gonna want to get another round in there quick. [Ellie nods.] Listen to me--if I get into trouble down there, you make every shot count. [Pauses.] Yeah?

Ellie: I got this. I won't let you down.

Joel: [Nods.] Alright. [Joel crawls away to an opening in the scaffolding but stops to look back at Ellie.] And just so we're clear about back there... [Pauses.] It was either him or me. [Jumps down scaffolding.]

Ellie: [Stares.] You're welcome... [Takes aim.]

[End cinematic.]

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