What are you scared of? is the twenty-second of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately six minutes and thirty-five seconds in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel walks down the stairs, reaching Ellie, Henry and Sam. Infected bang on the doors and windows.]

Ellie: [To Joel.] You're okay.

Joel: Still here. Anybody hurt?

Sam: Uh-uh.

Henry: [Shaking his head.] No, we're good.

Joel: [Backing up.] Alright. I think it's time we quit this place. C'mon.

Henry: [To Sam.] Let's go.

[The party reaches the yard and sneaks through a picket fence. The camera pans to radio tower in the distance. Cut to opened canned goods on the floor of an old house.]

Henry: [Chuckles.] Shut the hell up.

Joel: Dead serious. [Eats a spoonful.] It was Tommy's birthday. That's all he wanted to do is to just—rent two Harley's and drive cross country.

Henry: [Sits up.] Ah, man. I could die happy if I could just ride one around the block. [Chuckles.] What was it like?

Joel: It was good. Real good [Sets the can down.]

Henry: Good? [Looks at Ellie.] Can you believe this guy? C'mon man, gimme details. Describe it.

Joel: [Laughs.]

Ellie: You know what? You two deserve a little privacy. [Stands up.]

Henry: No, no, Ellie, Ellie, this isn't just any regular motorcycle. Okay? You get on that bad boy, you feel that engine. Nothing like it.

Ellie: Oh yeah? How would you know?

Henry: I've seen it in my dreams... [Sits up and pretends he's riding a motorbike.] Vroom, vroom, vroom...[Laughs.]

Ellie: Okay... [Walks off.]

[As Ellie exits, an awkward moment of silence lingers in the room between Joel and Henry.]

Henry: I don't think anyone from our group is gonna show up.

Joel: [Somberly.] Yeah.

Henry: Worst part of it all—explaining it to Sam.

[Cut to a separate room with Sam.]

Ellie: [Enters.] Well, it's safe to say those two have officially bonded. [Walks closer.] What're you doin'?

Sam: Taking stock of all the food we found today.

Ellie: I see... [Grabs can and reads.] And how are we doing on canned peaches?

Sam: [Grabs can from her.] Did Henry send you?

Ellie: No. Why would Henry send me?

Sam: To make sure I'm not fucking up somehow.

Ellie: Pshhh. I'd say we all did pretty good back there—especially you.

[Sam gets up out of his chair and walks to the window.]

Ellie: Is everything alright?

Sam: [Somberly.] Everything's fine.

Ellie: [Pauses.] Okay... [Walks off.] Well... have a good night.

Sam: [Turns around.] How is it that you're never scared?

Ellie: Who says that I'm not?

Sam: What are you scared of?

Ellie: Let's see... [Playfully.] Scorpions are pretty creepy.

[Sam returns to looking out the window.]

Ellie: Um... being by myself. [Sam looks at Ellie.] I'm scared of ending up alone. What about you?

Sam: Those things out there. [Pauses.] What if the people are still inside? What if they're trapped in there without any control of their body? I'm scared of that happening to me.

Ellie: [Confidently.] Okay, first of all, we're a team now. We're gonna help each other out. And second, they might still look like people, but that person is not in there anymore.

Sam: Henry says that, "They've moved on." They they're with their families. Like in heaven. Do you think that's true?

Ellie: I go back and forth. I mean, I'd like to believe it.

Sam: But you don't.

Ellie: I guess not.

Sam: Yeah... me neither [Turns back around.]

Ellie: Oh... [Takes off backpack.] all this serious talk, I almost forgot. [Pulls out toy and puts it on desk.] There. If he doesn't know about it, he can't take it away. [Puts on backpack and walks to the door.] Alright, I'm pooped. I'll see you tomorrow.

[Sam looks at the toy and throws it at the floor. He sits back in his chair and he rolls up the bottom of his pants, revealing a bite. Cut to Ellie sleeping. It is morning.]

Ellie: [Wakes up. Sniffs then yawns.] Damn. That smells good.

Joel: [By the window.] Good morning.

Ellie: Where's Sam?

Henry: [Stirring pot.] I let him sleep in for once.

Ellie: Oh.

Henry: Well if you want him to join us, you can go wake his ass up.

Ellie: Okay. [Walks into Sam's room.] Sam?

[Ellie opens the door and sees Sam twitching erratically from behind.]

Ellie: [Off-screen.] Sam!

Joel: What the hell?

[Ellie is pushed out of the room and knocked to the floor with Sam on top of her. He grunts and claws at her, trying to attack her.]

Joel: Shit. He's turnin'! [Grabs gun from bag.]

[Henry fires a shot in Joel's direction. Joel falls back.]

Henry: That's my fuckin' brother!

Ellie: Sam!

Joel: Screw it! [Crawls for his gun.]

[Henry fires his gun and shoots Sam. Ellie pushes Sam off her and scoots away while he dies.]

Ellie: Oh, shit...

Joel: [Approaches Ellie.] Ellie? Ellie, are you alright?

Ellie: Uh-huh [Panicked.] Oh my god.

Henry: Sam?

Ellie: Oh no...

Henry: [Crying.] Sam...

Joel: [Trying to console Henry.] Henry. Ellie, stay there. Henry.

Henry: Henry, what have you done?

Joel: [Inches slowly.] I'm gonna get that gun from you, okay?

Henry: Sa...Sa...Sam [Points gun at Joel.]

Joel: Whoa. Okay, okay, easy.

Henry: It's your fault.

Joel: This is nobody's fault, Henry.

Henry: It's all your fault!

Joel: Henry! Henry, no—

[Henry puts the gun to his head and shoots himself.]

Ellie: Oh my god.

[End cinematic.]

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