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Wharf is a DLC map in Factions, available as a part of the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack. Wharf is based upon the wharf in the single player campaign where Joel and Tess encountered Robert, the arms dealer, at the beginning of the game. 


Wharf is an incredibly enclosed map with very few opportunities for long kills. That being said there are two main sniper's nests in the wharf warehouse section. The two sniper's nests face each other so make sure you scope out the other nest before settling in. Short and medium range weapons triumph in the majority of Wharf's main choke points. In Wharf everything is packed tightly together and there are as much as three levels to the map at certain point. A good strategy is to try and gain the edge over your enemies by taking the opportunity to flank them whenever possible. It is highly likely you'll encounter an enemy when doing so come prepared with brawler or a modded 2x4.

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