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Weapon Holsters are weapon upgrades that can be upgraded at Workbenches. They allow the player to have an extra pistol and long gun slot, rather than having to access different weapons through their backpack.

There are only two holsters, a Pistol holster, which appears strapped to Joel's leg, and a Long Gun holster. They both require a level 1 tools Tool icon and 75 parts Parts icon to create. With both upgrades, Joel has a total of four holsters; two for pistols and two for long guns.

In Factions MP the number of weapons one can carry is determined by their load-out; so one could have a single pistol but be able to holster two long guns and vice versa.


  • When you acquire the long gun holster, it changes the placement of the weapons in that slot:
    • Hunting Rifle: lies parallel on the backpack's side.
    • Assault Rifle: lies parallel on the backpack's side.
    • Bow: attaches to the lower part of the backpack.
    • Shotgun: lies perpendicular on the backpack's side.
    • Flamethrower: lies sideways on the back of the backpack.
  • The placement of weapons in the hand gun holster is placed as one in a gun belt holster and the others keep in Joel's back pants.

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