• YoungAnarchy

    I have had so much fun playing the SP, so many good things happen, but my all time best has to be in the old hotel level, I was out of bullets on all my gun and had no mele, started fist fighting with one guy, out of nowhere a black dude grabed me from behind and the guy i was 1st fighting started slugging me in the gut, all of a sudden i hear Ellie shout " Hey chicken *beep* " and a brick just flys in the face of the guy punching me, next thing you know ellie just jumps on screen like some Jail bait Ninja and stabs the black guy, i break free and knock the black guy out with one EPIC right hook, the guy who got a brick to the face is back on his feet and i just puch the hell out of him and then smash his head on a nearby wall, after a few…

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