The Last of Us will be released in less than one hundred days. While this is awhile away, it still leaves us plenty of time to think about what we would like to see in this game. The following is a few items that I would like to see in the game, but I am far more curious in getting to know what you guys want to see in the game. Please continue the discussion with your own wishlist in the comments.

1. Obscure Locations
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The Last of Us is set to take place through out the United States. The game begins in Boston and also has parts in Pittsburgh. While the East Coast is covered, I hope that this game branches throughout a larger part of the country and that each location adds a special element. It would be interesting if major scenes took place in Iowa or Kansas or any other non-typical big city in the United States.
2. Weather
Society has already gone south - but what affect will weather have on this game's environments? I am hoping that weather plays a huge role in the development of the story. I want to see plenty of haunts come from dark dreary days full of stormy weather. I would also be curious to see how a blizzard would effect Ellie and Joel.
3. Huge Cast of Characters
The game obviously mostly functions around the core dynamic between Ellie and Joel. However, I hope that as they continue their trek through the West that they come across a wide variety of characters. Maybe, throughout the journey they are forced to accept companions or forge strange alliances, such as in the case with Bill.
4. Multiplayer Anything
It has been confirmed that this game will have multiplayer... however, that's about the only thing that has been confirmed. I hope that the multiplayer mode is similar to the Co-op Hunter Arena from Uncharted 3. Let's all hope that Naughty Dog gives us some multiplayer details soon.
5. Crafting Galore
Machete - GI Magazine
As far as survival goes, crafting is going to become extremely important. We currently know that crafting will be a big part of the game, but we only know that Molotov Cocktails can be crafted. I am hoping that you will be able to add on weapon attachments to create high powered rifles. Other weapons that would be great to enhance are the Axe and Shiv.

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