The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us sequel ideas....

So I think it's safe to say that The Last Of Us is a great game, perhaps even an absolute ,aster piece. It had a great story, engaging gameplay and well done acting. Many felt they are happy with T.L.O.U as a single game without further games however I find myself disagreeing. I want more of the universe and I would happily welcome a franchise of the T.L.O.U

My sequel idea. SPOILER WARNING So basically the ending was left open. We assume Joel and Ellie made it to Tommy's town and started a somewhat regular life as a family: so where could they take it from there? I think we all know the basic answer, The Fireflies. As we all know Joel rampaged through the Labs while the Fireflies because while they did potentially offer a cure it did mean Ellie would die. So this turn of events leaves a good place for the Fireflies coming in either for revenge in Joel or just to finish the cure and rebuild society, however I'd want my idea to be a little more advanced and emotionally challenging. After several months of life with Joel they two fine themselves in an awkward situation when either one/Both of Ellie's parents show up with affiliations to the Fireflies and reveals the truth to Ellie about what the events that occurred at the end of the first game. Ultimately Ellie would choose not to go with her parents having become bonded with Joel, then this would cause a war between Tommy's group and the Fireflies. This could spawn off into different plot paths and twists such as Tommy's reaction to discovering they could save humanity with a cure....

So I know that was a very basic synopsis but you can see where they could build off from these ideas. So that was my little idea and I'd really enjoy to hear yours so why not comment below, let me know.

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