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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Student
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  • TempestCeos

    So I think it's safe to say that The Last Of Us is a great game, perhaps even an absolute ,aster piece. It had a great story, engaging gameplay and well done acting. Many felt they are happy with T.L.O.U as a single game without further games however I find myself disagreeing. I want more of the universe and I would happily welcome a franchise of the T.L.O.U

    My sequel idea. SPOILER WARNING So basically the ending was left open. We assume Joel and Ellie made it to Tommy's town and started a somewhat regular life as a family: so where could they take it from there? I think we all know the basic answer, The Fireflies. As we all know Joel rampaged through the Labs while the Fireflies because while they did potentially offer a cure it did mean E…

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  • TempestCeos Okay so if anyone is interested I've created a list of DLC options and ideas I would like to see The Last Of Us explore. If you do happen to read it, in advance thank you. Tell me what you think. Comment below, let me know.

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