In The next The Last Of Us game, what weapons, consumables, items, vehicles or just gameplay elements in general do you want to see? 

I thought a low grade melee weapon made from paper would be pretty cool. Paper could be added as an item, and you could use it to create a millwall brick (or paper and binding) a millwall brick could be used in several ways, one, as just a straight up, weak blunt weapon, two, you could add string (one of the binding items) to give it some range, three, you could use a blade like a regular melee upgrade, and four, you could light it on fire to use as a visual distraction item, or possibly as a weapon (although that would only work if like flammable cover or something was introduced, because I think the likelyhood of a burning paper wad lighting someone on fire is low). Does anyone else think this would be cool?

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