For anyone who didn't know, there will be a Reddit AMA tomorrow with the directors of TLOU (sorry for those who are seeing this past Wed., I should have posted it earlier) check out this link:

What questions would you like to have answered? Here's a list of mine: 

Can you reveal any DLC details, specifically: Release Dates, MP game types/maps/features, Story setting?

Around when will Naughty Dog’s next game be revealed?

In an upcoming Patch, can you add the feature to read/ play artifacts in the main menu (including Ellie’s artifacts?

Do bottles make more noise than bricks?

Why were the fight scenes in Bill’s Church, and the Hotel Dining Room that were shown in trailers, removed from the final game?

Was the use of the word okay, especially at the end of the game, one of the things inspired by The Road?

If you don't have a reddit account, they're very easy to make, and take about thirty seconds, I created my first one just for this, it's tarzanadh, I hope to see you there!

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