Hello there! I'm a new member of The Last of Us Wiki who just joined due to Sethylamine's new multiplayer clan where all of us Wiki members can ban together and destroy all opposition (while having a good time, of course). If you haven't checked it out already go and do it now here!-

Now onto the real topic here. Strangling. Oh what fun it is to strangle others to death in a video game. Or beat them down until they stop breathing. Mhhhhm.... However, faulty melee mechanics can ruin these brutal beatdowns in a game. Don't get me wrong though, Naughty Dog did a very good job with melee in the uncharted series and my expectations are high. The gameplay videos also showed some very nice, realistic strangling. In the video I watched, while Joel strangled an enemy to death the guy had actually fought back realistically, by slapping Joel and making wonderful gurgling sounds in the process. Later, Joel beat down another guy with yet more beautiful melee attacks (This time with a nice, sexy pipe... Woo!) All of this melee got me ever so happy, and my hopes are set high for some very good multiplayer beatdowns too. Usually unique, fun melee isn't in multiplayer and instead the results are very stupid looking punches/gun smacks that look somewhat unrealistic. There are many games that have exactly this, with very cool single player melee but terrible, robotic looking melee attacks in multiplayer. So, I hope that not only the melee is awesome in single player, but also in multiplayer, with very cool interactive melee attacks that makes everyone just want to drop their guns and beat eachother to death. What are your hopes for melee in The Last of Us? Post 'em right here, along with any other melee-related topics you wish to talk about. Also, thanks for reading this as I know I'm a new member of the community and that I hope to be participating on the wiki more often!

As always, smithbratz

              "Strangle or Die"

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