Now I've got a question my fellow wiki contributors. If you were in this cordyceps brain infected, post-apocolyptic world. Who would you rather have along for the ride? Joel or Ellie? Think about it for a moment, both do know how to fight and are hardened survivalist. However, consider this, Joel is in his late 40's, Ellie is 14. Joel is extremely capable of fighting and surviving, he is a very good fighter. Ellie may also be a good fighter, but not to the same extent as Joel, however she has most of his survival skills (except the brutallity in hand to hand combat, meaning fighting with fist not her switchblade) but she is alot easier to warm up to then Joel. She warms up to other companions soon as well, she is also fun to have around, she's witty, funny, and just a cool person in general. Who would you choose?

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