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  • Sharkbait777

    Hello again my fellow wiki contributors. Sharkbait here with another question blog. It's the apocolypse we know 2033, so add 20 years to age! I'm 35, yes I know I'm quite young :P but more mature and intelligent then you may think. Okay now pick a companion anyone from the last of us, I'm going with Ellie, since 20 years of experience would probably make me as menacing as Joel. Also she's very easily likeable, and we have a similair social personality. But the main question. Out of all the weapons in the last of us, (includes multiplayer weapons, EXCEPT: Flamethrower, M16, Military Sniper.) what will you take with you? Tell me your primary, secondary, and melee! 

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  • Sharkbait777

    Joel or Ellie?

    February 19, 2014 by Sharkbait777

    Now I've got a question my fellow wiki contributors. If you were in this cordyceps brain infected, post-apocolyptic world. Who would you rather have along for the ride? Joel or Ellie? Think about it for a moment, both do know how to fight and are hardened survivalist. However, consider this, Joel is in his late 40's, Ellie is 14. Joel is extremely capable of fighting and surviving, he is a very good fighter. Ellie may also be a good fighter, but not to the same extent as Joel, however she has most of his survival skills (except the brutallity in hand to hand combat, meaning fighting with fist not her switchblade) but she is alot easier to warm up to then Joel. She warms up to other companions soon as well, she is also fun to have around, s…

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  • Sharkbait777

    The Rest of Us Fan fic

    November 2, 2013 by Sharkbait777

    Note: This story is a 2 part fan fiction. It has me and my friends being thrown into the Cordyceps pandemic. 





    Chapter 1: Broken Dreams

        It’s early morning in New york city, I had just woke up in my shabby apartment. I drink my morning water, and have a green apple for breakfast. I slip on my collared shirt, slightly tattered and dirty. And put on my red stained tie. Fix my hair, clean my glasses, and walk out the door. I close my apartment door, the number 303 hangs on the door. Walking down the stairs I hear people laughing and arguing from inside their apartments. Walking down the dirty slum like streets of new york city. I see poverty stricken people on the side of the street, and many soldiers talking and going about their…

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