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  • Postapocfan1999

    The new MP mode...

    September 3, 2013 by Postapocfan1999

    How do you guys like the new gamemode? I think it's a good transition from the regular TDM type gamestyle. Post your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Postapocfan1999

    When you're downed in MP, there is NO way to defend yourself whatsoever (except maybe leading the enemy to a bomb location). I kinda think that if you can crawl, you can aim a gun. Now ND shouldn't make it the COD last stand style. Instead you should use whatever pistol you have,  your aim could be really unsteady like in the winter mission when Joel got injured, and you can't buy more bullets and stuff (in case you don't have any pistol ammo, then good luck for you.) I dunno but it gets annoying when you can't really help your team once you're downed. Not sure if anyone else has this idea to though so post your thoughts on this.

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