Ok, so Joel finds notes that tell a story of Ish and the community that survived within the sewers. Based on look of things (showers, kitchen, classrooms, sleeping quarters etc etc etc) it looks like they've been living there for a while.

My question is how long do you think? The game takes place 20 years in the future while Ish's story takes place 4 months after the outbreak of the fungal virus (based on his notes of his return from the sea).

But when Joel and the gang are in the sewer (20 years later) everything looks recent, the blood splatter and the furniture, the lack of dust and so on. Even the body of Kyle (the one who shot the children) and other corpses don't look to be older than 4-5 months (or is that how a body is suppose to look after year? I'm not an expert so let me know!). Not to mention it's packed with mobile infected which means they were recently transformed. But at the same time the ceilings are caved in and the tunnels are over flooded which indicates that the place has been long abandoned. What is your thoughts on that?

My second question: Were they holing up in the sewers for 15-20 years and one day someone accidentally forgot to lock the door causing the whole safe haven to be overrun? Or were they living in the tunnels for a shorter period and got overrun years before Joel and his friends discover the place?

I'm trying to build a time frame for Ish's story and make sense of the mysterious character. It would really do my sleep good so someone, please, help me. Much appreciated :-)

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