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  • NinjaFatGuy

    The Last of Us Part II was officially announced at Sony's annual PlayStation Experience event on December 3rd! Naughty Dog also announced a standalone addition to the Uncharted series titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

    The Last of Us Part II was announced with a trailer, which reveals that the sequel will take place several years after the original. Ellie returns as the playable character, who is now 19-years-old, as she plays an acoustic guitar and sings in an abandoned house. Joel enters the room and appears to ask Ellie if she is ready to go through with what sounds like a plan. She replies "I'm gonna find and I'm gonna kill every last one of them."

    Creative director Neil Druckmann released his statement on the sequel saying:

    While the trailer…

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  • NinjaFatGuy

    According to the voice actor Nolan North, best known for his involvement in Naughty Dog's Uncharted as the lead Nathan Drake and as David in The Last of Us, has reported that a sequel to The Last of Us is currently in the works.

    When asked if he was working with Naughty Dog on any future projects at MetroCon 2015, he replied "For now, [Uncharted 4] is the last one. I know they're doing The Last of Us 2, but my character in The Last of Us kind of met an untimely demise." 

    Albeit this does not fully confirm that a sequel is in the works, Troy Baker, the voice of protagonist Joel in The Last of Us, has stated that he knows nothing about a sequel. Baker says "I don't know if we're going to do another one or not. If we do, I trust Neil [Druckmann] and Bru…

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  • NinjaFatGuy

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2014 is finally here, and so is news for The Last of Us Remastered. Today, June 9th, Naughty Dog revealed the trailer for their remastered version of their critically acclaimed blockbuster at the PlayStation Press Conference at E3 2014. The Last of Us Remastered is scheduled for a release date of July 29th this year, coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 console.

    The Last of Us Remastered will have remastered aspects of The Last of Us with 1080p resolution, higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, and even more improvements. All major downloadable content releases will also be implemented with The Last of Us Remastered, including Left Behind, Abandoned Territories, …

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  • NinjaFatGuy

    Hey, though that I'd show you guys a little Easter egg that was noticed in The Last of Us. When playing as Ellie during winter, you enter this store and on a shelf, there is a PlayStation 3!

    I will post a video, but remember that if you do not want spoilers, do not watch the whole thing. To see the PlayStation 3, look to the left at 7:12.

    >>Go to 7:12

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