iI know people have made other blogs about this, I thought I'd make my own anyways.

With the announcement of Uncharted 4, my guess is that ND's next game will be The Last of Us 2. After reading a few arguments about a Last of Us sequel, I started thinking about what Naughty Dog could do for a sequel. The biggest question is who the protagonist(s) will be. Many people got very attatched to Joel and Ellie, so they want the duo to come back. Other people want to explore other people's stories, such as Ish. Which would be better for the series?

In my opinion, there should be a new protagonist(s), as Joel and Ellie's story has already been told, they had their character development, and they completed their journey. There are so many possiblilities if we got new characters. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Hunter Storyline

What if we got a story about someone who slowly falls to becoming a hunter as the story progresses? A survivor in a quarintine zone on the sidelines as riots start, watching the soldiers gun down rioters and innocents alike. Forced to flee the zone, the protagonist is put in difficult situations where they have to do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means killing innocents. I think this story would be interesting because it shows that even one of the nameless survivors you kill throughout the game has a story. It also shows the reverse development of Joel, who became more moral as the game progressed (sort of).

Military Storyline

What if we played as a soldier forced from a quarintine zone due to riots or overrun by infected? A soldier having to hide his profession from other survivors, since we can assume other survivors aren't fond of soldiers. Having to find some place to go, he could end up at Tommy's dam at some point throughout the game and join the community. While I know the whole soldier thing seems like it would make the game like CoD, the reality is that the soldiers we encounter in the game are really just people with minimal armor. They aren't any stronger than Joel. In fact, Joel was more than capable of killing a couple dozen soldiers with his fists, so this is definitely an option. As with the hunter storyline, I think this would make players think about what other soldiers have been through, and that they aren't all nameless assholes.

Joel & Ellie Years After TLoU Storyline

I know this is a Joel & Ellie storyline, but I thought I should mention it. While I think ND would be lazy taking this route, I think it could work if done right. Joel and Ellie at Tommy's after about 3-5 years, Joel is in his mid 50's, Eliie is 17-19 years old. The remnants of the Fireflies track down Joel and attack the dam, killing Tommy in the process. They retreat after having a large portion of their forces killed, Joel then swears to track them down and kill all fireflies. Ellie would be confused as to why they attacked, meaning Joel would either hide what he did or tell Ellie the truth.

What ideas do you guys have for a sequel? Then again, there always could not be a sequel (but that's unlikely, knowing Naughty Dog).

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