It's Novmber 15 2013 and it's 9:04 AM, and I trying to finish the script for my youtube seris. I am on page #35 right now and I am still not half way done, we still need to interduce some people. Good thing I'm a little sick so I don't need to go to school, and it gives me a chance to finish as much as I can today, and if not I still got the whole weekand to aswell, but I also need to print out, like 7 scripts and who knows, how long they will be... I also need to highlight and put, them in the folder's so my friends don't lose them... Like Madalin did and she just told me yesterday in gym. I'm making stuff for Ellie also and cutting and styleing Daryl's wig for Kayla, It's too bad winter's comeing now we need to film some time next year, hopefuly sometime after all the snow melts away. We all live in Michigan and we are filming 1 hour away from where we all live were fiming, at Algonac State Park in there 2 mile nature trail. Why are we not fiming in the snow? You may be asking, I don't fell like geting all my firends sick for a long time, and pushing back from filming. What will we get out of this you may be asking? Well Ashley and I are hopeing that if every thing goes as planed. That the producers will want to meet us, along with the cast of "THE WALKING DEAD" and want us to be on the show and use our idea in season 5 of "THE WALKING DEAD" also if "Naughty Dog" is okay with them. I have the looks and the mouth, that belongs to Ellie all I would need is green contacts and I'd be okay to play her in "THE WALKING DEAD" we have so much to figure out, in such little time. I know this will all happen so fast. None of us will see it coming, all I need to say is I'm 13 right now going on 14 this mounth on the 26th and Ashley's birthday is 6 days before mine. We both just don't want to go to high school. We think it would be cooler to get homed scooled on the set. Also I have so much I need to teach my self with scar's and other stuff knowing I'm the only special effects makeup peron on our crew. I'm doing most of it, hair,makeup and wordrobe. The props we need is, Ellie's switchblade, guns, bricks, bottles, Ellie's sony walkman, Ellie"s mom's letter, kife's, handcuffs, comicbooks,and Riley's firefly pin. All we need to buy or make d make the rest. Ashley asked me to make comic books of the scrips, and I'm also going to sell them on my Etsy account. So anyone can buy them. that's all I can say for now... talk you you guys later

- Anna 

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