There is alot of both of THE LAST OF US and THE WALKING DEAD in this so half and half yes Ellie's immune to the infection still, her bite is all done healing by now it looks like the one at the end of the game still and. Both Daryl and Joel are protective over Ellie they just want to see her safe and happy and they would do any thing for her. Daryl know's about Ellie's immuneity, he didn't believe her at first untill she showed him it, Daryl did not try to kill her because. He told her he would look after and protect Ellie. Ellie believes him. Daryl told no one and, my friend Josh (who playing Carl) told me "You know what, it would be so cool if Ellie and Carl would have a reationship with each other" (boyfirend and girlfirend way) So I don't know what do you guys think? Fell free to contact me talk to you later.

- Anna

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