I was thinking a few days ago how will The Walking Dead Characters see Ellie and Joel? So this is what I think tell me if you would agree or disagree.

Rick: Rick wants to protect what is his, even if that means killing someone to keep it, he has good jugement, and he's always on a mission (Rick would want to kill Ellie for the cure to save Carl and Judith, and he's not a real big fan of Ellie but saves Ellie because she's the cure to mankind)

Carl: Kid knows how to fight, was kinda scared at first but, after he got shot he's became a real jurk. Trying to take the place of the leader, of the group. Carl's brave and friendly with Beth. (Carl warms up real quick with Ellie, seeing they have a lot in common seeing, how good of friends they can be)

Beth: Takes real good care of Judith, a little to emotional, has a real good friend ship with Carl. And Daryl. (Beth realy likes Ellie and they become good friends and looks out after each other)

Daryl: Daryl is amazing real cool layed back, and loves kids and is not afraid to kick the crap out of someone to get the answers he needs. (Like Every one else exsept for Rick, Daryl warms up to Ellie real fast, giveing her a nickname, knowing how special Ellie is, with both surviveing and being immune to the infection that's going around. Daryl swared to Ellie that he would keep her safe. And he planes on keeping his word, Daryl see's Ellie kinda like a daughter even though he never had one. And if he did he would want her to be just like Ellie and if any one, messes around and beats her up, he will be right there and kick there faces in)

Maggie: She loves her sister Beth atlot aswell Gleen, she wants to keep them safe as long as she lives.  Maggie, seems to realy likes kids. (Maggie is very thankful that Ellie saved her sister's life and feels bad to what happened to her, and saves her life with the help of Rick, Carl, and Daryl) 



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