It's 11/29/13 and it's 1:11 AM right now and I can't sleep so why not just, write I finished episode 1's script and. I wrote #77 pages in it. I could not believe how much I write, I'm working on episode 2's right now. In episode 2 Ellie gets stabbed by one of The Governor's men to save Beth. Ellie gets stabbed in her side, don't worry Ellie lives I know spoiler. I'll tell you a little about the ending of episode 1. Ellie meet's Rick and he handcuffs her to till he knows more about her and. Daryl is very overprotective of Ellie, so he yells at Rick saying to let her go, but Rick refuses. Ellie breaks free and hits Rick with the pole. Rick is amazed of how hard Ellie hit's for a kid, Rick always asks 3 questions to let a new member into the group. Ellie refuses to answer at first but Daryl convinces her to answer them. Ellie passes and he let's Ellie go and he found out how there are more of the infected out there so he asks her about, them. Daryl and every one walk's in side and Ellie fallow's Beth and Carl, leaving Daryl and Rick talking. Rick asks what happened to Ellie's face (Ellie got beat up real bad in the begining of the episode) Daryl tell him what happened and he was shocked. That she did all of that, Rick tell's Daryl he thought there was something spechial about Ellie, Daryl only says that there is. Rick told him he can sense it Daryl tells him that's good and he walks away, Rick goes and gets Ellie and asks to talk to her, she agree's and walks off with Rick, and they talk and they start arguing Ellie yells. Daryl comes back, and Ellie is so close of killing Rick, but Daryl stops her and talks to Ellie telling her to go back to Beth and Carl. She asks what there going to tell Rick, Daryl says he will handle it and she flips off Rick and walks away, Rick trys to go after Ellie and Daryl pushes him back. Daryl and Rick start yelling at each other, and Carl asks if every thing was okay, she asks him what his definition of okay was, he tells her that if every one was alright. She says yes and tells them she's going after The Governor. Beth and Carl think she's crazy going alone, Ellie tells them she was going to take both of them with her, Beth's not sure at first but, Carl agree's and then Beth douse and Ellie leaves a note that she wote, telling them that all 3 of them where going after The Governor and to come and save them if there not back soon. They leave it and Rick and Daryl are to busy yelling at each other to relize there sneaking out then the go into the woods into to go to Woodbarry. Some of The Governor men see's Ellie, Beth and Carl and sneacks up behind them and hit's them i  the head with there guns and the screen goes black and that's the end. I'm going to go getting tired so if you guys  want to hear more about episode 2 or 1 ask me down below and my next blog will be around the answers so it will turn into. A whole Q&A thing. Talk to  you later 

- Anna

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