What if TLOU was a poem?? Here's how it would go:

(english is my third language so excuse me for any mistakes!)

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday…




Through the blackness awaken

To a terrible sight

In a glimpse has been taken

His loved one’s young life


And the years passed

Through much pain and toil

But one day has arrived

With a hopeful seed in the soil


Armed with trust

And her powerful lead

They rose over the one

Who dishonored their deal


But a new deal arose

And it felt like a spark

As one woman has given them

A light in the dark


The girl’s heart still soft

But her life was stone hard

A balance it seemed

Of light in the dark


Far away in the danger

Beyond the doors of haven

A way has been laid

Of either dove or raven


But in vain were the travels

And in vain they always end

For the powerful leader

Had through hell to descent


Although hope has been lost

And the world became dark

In her footsteps he followed

As she warmth up his heart


And the days passed

And the storms were only stronger

But with friendly faces met

Alone they had to tread no longer


There was fear in the sunlight

And horrors in the darkness

But in the end, as it always ends

There’s only vanity and endless sadness


Cold are the nights

The days, the unknown are bringing

But the birds high in the trees

Are still happily singing


All metal turned towards them

A day just like every other

But a smile behind the metal

Revealed dear old brother


“I shall help you, opened armed

Whatever you will need

The heavy burden from your hands

Although, I will not lift”


A surge of anger from his words

A shot from far away

It seems like days in havens are

Just like any other day


Betrayal flowed beneath her skin

Abandonment again

Her greatest fear, a lone soul

She will be now like then


But abandonment was not

An option to be chosen

As with her he had finally felt

His heart to be less frozen


The mirrors were awaiting

The lab of toil and sweat

But their reflections on the glass

Revealed a different threat


A blurry vision through his eyes

A pain from hell itself

A distant voice calling his name

He hoped it wasn’t Death


A lone soul seems to be

As strong as a lone wolf

What happens though when more arrive

With a terrible, hidden truth?


And just like any animal does

It either fights or hides

Our wolf became the hunted when

The hunters came to rise


Behind cold steel she lay where

For freedom there’s no path

But just like any animal does

This time she showed her wrath


And even though he fought through hell

And even though he arrived

She needn’t him to help her when

Alone she endured and survived


Time, they say is a healer

But some scars never fade

No doctor can ever sew

The deep cut of this blade


Even if the dark was dense

It always becomes bright

As the scent of soil and beast

Within them awoke the light


Behind the veil it was revealed

A terrible truth of death

It wasn’t an option, not for him

To take his child’s last breath


Armed with love and armed with hate

He swam against the flood

The flood soon became more red

As it was filled with blood


Countless hopes, in love were lost

In a life that offers pain

This time it ended differently

As none of it was in vain


In lies she stood, with bare feet

But she could hear their screams

For she has once screamed like them too

But only her voice lives


“When the blood has been shed

When the lake’s made of tears

Just remember to live

For the following years”


“Even though you mean well

Even though you are right

I just can’t shake the feeling

That the dark won the light”

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