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  • Makunis

    I posted this on my website quite a long time ago and I though I'd share it with you guys. It's about a presentation I made about TLOU and its philosophy at my University. It's pretty insightful. I'd like to know what you think about the reactions.


    Well, well, well. It's 26/11/2013 and I just came back home from the University. What better to do than study? I say write my feelings about the presentation I just gave on The Last of Us...and then study. So what is this about?

    Once upon a time I showed to my professor of the 'Philosophy-Ethics' course, a short video I made from clips of The Last of Us (TLOU). I meant only to share the world of TLOU but then he said: "How about you make a video of the game and present it to the…

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  • Makunis

    The Last of Us II

    September 17, 2013 by Makunis

    “It’s been more than a week since she got out of that attic. The cold, fresh air brushing on her face felt…amazing. She closed her eyes for a second trying to enjoy the feeling but opened them almost immediately. Stay vigilant she thought. No time for this…”

    Just as the title says, this is a sequel to “The Last of Us”.

    “The Last of Us II” (yes I made the logo myself so I’m serious about it!)

    Please don’t say I’m sick with everybody’s ideas for a sequel, and now you’re making another one, bla bla bla…

    If you’re a fan, then this is for you. I promise. In the end maybe you’d even like to have this as a sequel!

    So to clear things up. This isn’t a continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story. This is an entirely new character. Don’t be disappointed or say I…

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  • Makunis

    What if TLOU was a poem?? Here's how it would go:

    (english is my third language so excuse me for any mistakes!)

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday…




    Through the blackness awaken

    To a terrible sight

    In a glimpse has been taken

    His loved one’s young life


    And the years passed

    Through much pain and toil

    But one day has arrived

    With a hopeful seed in the soil


    Armed with trust

    And her powerful lead

    They rose over the one

    Who dishonored their deal


    But a new deal arose

    And it felt like a spark

    As one woman has given them

    A light in the dark


    The girl’s heart still soft

    But her life was stone hard

    A balance it seemed

    Of light in the dark


    Far away in the danger

    Beyond the doors of haven

    A way has been laid

    Of either dove or raven


    But in vain we…

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  • Makunis

    A fan-made tribute video for you guys!! I had an urge to create it so here it is!

    Enjoy and thank you for watching!

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  • Makunis

    Check this new video of Making of The Last of Us!!

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