Overall, I would have to say that the story of The Last of Us is pretty awesome. There are just a few minor things about it that drive me nuts.

  1. The lack of motorcycles. Motorcycles have been pretty much ignored by post-apocalyptic fiction, except for The Stand and Falling Skies.
  2. When Bill tells Joel that he can get gas out of abandoned cars. The stuff that they make now degrades after a year, so it wouldn't work after 20. Not even old-formula gas would hold up that long.
  3. How did David's group eat human flesh and not get kuru? Never mind, Klock101 explained that there has only been one documented case of kuru.
  4. Didn't Joel know that chickory can be used as a coffee substitute? Apparently, chickory only enhances the flavor, it doesn't have any caffeine in it

What I would have done:

  • I wouldn't have taken a truck like Joel and Ellie did, I would have ridden a motorcycle or dirtbike, something like a Kawasaki KLR 650. They're easier on gas, more maneuverable, and can carry two people and supplies without a problem (Provided you load and secure everything right). I would know, I've ridden a Honda Goldwing about 125 miles in a day a few times. Plus, they're easier to maintain and you can still walk one easily if it runs out of gas.
  • I would've taken the military sniper, as it probably attached to the tripod with a quick-release pin--easy to remove.
  • Also, I would have taken the Hank Williams casette with me. The hunters are unworthy of such music.

Your thoughts/observations?

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