Recently i've been spending quite some time into the Factions mode of the game, and while it is pretty unique and awesome, there has been this major issue that i've encountered with multiple times.

To begin with, both modes in TLoU multiplayer feature a system where you have a certain number of "Survivors" in your group to begin with, as you keep expanding the number by collecting "parts" by playing either survivors or supply raid mode. Every match counts as a "day", and every "day" you gotta collect a certain number of parts in order to keep your group healthy. This is a high risk/reward system in which is what unique about TLoU multilayer. However, I don't know if that's just me or it is happening to everyone but i keep getting disconnect while i'm in a match which not just abandon all my earning (Not bragging or anything, but i often top the chart in survivor mode, which just make it worse) but also gave an army of hungry and sick people in my group. This has been very frustrating for me & sometimes, it's even worse whenever there is an event like Hunter Attack.

So i'm asking if anyone else encounter this problem, or it's just i need to upgrade my internet, which is not gonna be possible for me anytime soon.

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