Hello. Just a quick announcement that needs to be made now that a demo has been released.

Although we endeavor to keep this site as factual as possible, due to the openly editable nature of a wiki, inaccurate information may occasionally find its way into articles. This is especially applicable due to the fact that The Last of Us has not yet been released, although pre-release media (including a full demo) is now available.

Please remember to take any unreliable/suspicious looking information with a pinch of salt, and if you see something that you know to be false then don't be afraid to edit the page and remove it. If you really want extra credibility points, then you can quickly and easily reference any claims you make. If you want to know how to reference anything you add to the wiki, then Wikipedia has a great help guide on the subject.

We aim to be the most factual and thorough The Last of Us resource online, and we can only accomplish this with your continued help. On behalf of the entire administrative team here, I'd like to thank everybody for the time and effort that they have (and hopefully will continue to) put into editing here.

Thank you all.

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