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    The Last of Us Grounded +

    January 20, 2015 by Jotaykra

    The Last of Us Grounded + Read all Before Attempting

    Grounded is the hardest difficulty in this game it makes Survivor look like a piece of cake if you fallow these exploits you'll beat it without a problem if you want to get it the legit way, then go ahead this is for people who don't feel like having to conserve ammo.

    1st thing you want to do is play the game on Easy and Easy +, the reason you wanna do this is because you have the option to use nothing but melee weapons the reason for this is that when Grounded comes, you can have all ammo and also all your Nail Bombs, Molotovs, Health Kits, and Smoke bombs lastly you'd have all your suplies.

    2nd you can play any chapters you want in what order you want to but this order is what will be bes…

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