don't tell me you cannot see it

as you know i am joel the hunter and i like that you have come to see this if you have and if you have you might want to know more about me. i am weird like real weird. i am not a normal person i dont even know what normal is cause whatever it is i am not. for some reson sometimes i find game girl atractive to me lol. not only in the last of us in other games too. if you dont like it so far then you should leave. the girl that i like from the last of us is Ellie it is kinda weird but i dont know i am myself. everybody is difrent i would not mind if somebody else liked toads lol. so i know that i will never  get to know anybody from any game so whats it worth right? but for me i dont know why i still like them i mean why not? I never listen to one band i listen to difrent songs from difrent artists XD.i like to be myself and i want others around me to feel like they do not have to act like someone difrent i want everyone to be them selfs. So if you wanna ask something ask it i will tell you what you want. if you like me (why would you not lol) then just tell me lol. some say ellie kills cute rabits she does but i say  ellie is cute and she kills rabits to survive in the cold when she is dieing.  COMMENTS BELOW PLEASE P.S: sorry about the weirdness i know it is alot for starters but thats not all XD

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