Joel the hunter

aka Joel

  • I live in Where ever ellie drags me.
  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is The last of us,PS3, This,fallout assassins creed1,2and3 COD mk skyrim,boredness, KINGDOM HEARTS TOO MUCH
  • I am Groot
  • Joel the hunter


    July 18, 2017 by Joel the hunter

    Many have there difrent opinions on Ellie and i do not see why they should not but the this that bothers me is that some end up fighting over it wich is pointless i think that is is not right to fight over this cause it is just a one of the game chars and i know everybody has there own opinions but i think they should not have to fight about her cause most fight over he sexuality and i think whatever they think of Ellie or her sexuality they should have to keep to themselfs like me i have thought about Ellie but i do not go fighting about what i think if the other thinks something else i think you should respect what the others say and i think they should respect what you have to say also and if not nobody should say anything. I would not …

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  • Joel the hunter

    What is this?

    July 15, 2017 by Joel the hunter

    Why is this website so souless i dont mean like it is bad it is amazing i mean its like it has no soul cause nobody is ever on it XD will anyone ever get on this website O: i look at accounts that have been here years i look at mine here for days and i am more active then them ever! Is it that it never had anybody or everybody left cause this is a amazing game! I am the only person i have ever seen with a blog lol i mean on this website on other websites almost everybody does but anybody who does talk to me i thank them alot (hardly anybody) but i really thank them alot i will not say names or more acurate their name but i will say it is amazing that i can talk with anybody here and i am happy that i can at all. So    what is the point of …

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  • Joel the hunter

    Hello i am joel

    July 12, 2017 by Joel the hunter

    as you know i am joel the hunter and i like that you have come to see this if you have and if you have you might want to know more about me. i am weird like real weird. i am not a normal person i dont even know what normal is cause whatever it is i am not. for some reson sometimes i find game girl atractive to me lol. not only in the last of us in other games too. if you dont like it so far then you should leave. the girl that i like from the last of us is Ellie it is kinda weird but i dont know i am myself. everybody is difrent i would not mind if somebody else liked toads lol. so i know that i will never  get to know anybody from any game so whats it worth right? but for me i dont know why i still like them i mean why not? I never listen…

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