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  • Jackalex13

    So I looked at Jim Logan's fanon story. Seems really cool. I decided to make my own fanon story. 

    No Longer the Last takes place 4 and a half years after the events of The Last of Us. Ellie, now 19 years old, sets out to different cities and states to find people who, like her, are immune to the fungus. Joel reluctantly won't follow her this time as he must tend to Jackson County and aid the residents. 

    As Ellie follows her journey, she will face human enemies who are more ruthless and brutal, terrifying Infected and meet new allies. 

    (This fanon story would be written in Ellie's view such as "I have to go, Joel" I said sadly.)

    April 6th, 2038. 

    It's been almost 5 years after discovering I was immune. 5 years after the Fireflies stopped looking…

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