​​Chapter 1: A New Beginning 

It had been two weeks since Joel had lied to Ellie, two weeks since they had arrived at Jackson city and two weeks since they had started a new life.Ellie had finally calmed down and rarely suffered from survivors guilt (though she still couldnt get david off her mind).

Joel sat down on the sofa and grabbed the tv remote,it had been a busy day for him,having to go down hunting and later on helping out the other adults guarding the perimeters.Ellie entered the room,sat down beside him and said "Joel,Im bored."Joel sighs and replies sleepily"Just go outside and play with somebody." Ellie mumbles"I would if there was somebody my age to hang out with." Joel said "Ah come on Ellie,theres gotta be somebody." Ellie grumbled "Theres only a couple of boys who hang out somewhere,I think,atleast thats what Tommy told me." Joel yawned and said" Well then just go read a comic or somethin,just dont annoy me because im goin to sleep."Ellie sighs and leaves the room whilst Joel lays down,closes the tv and goes to sleep.

Joel suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night to find Ellie infront of him,Joel asks,both sleepily and angrily"Ellie......whats wrong..why the hell did you wake me up???" Ellie,looking scared,replies "Joel,theres something going on outside." Joel then hears voices outside,he opens the front door to find a crowd gathered around their house.He then asks frank,his neighbour whats wrong "Theres been a robbery!!"replies Frank.Joe,shocked to hear this asks "What!where!" Frank said "At Miss Jane's house,what i have heard is that the poor old lady went to the kitchen and found some of her food stolen." Ellie then comes at the front door and asks "Joel,whats wrong???" "Theres been a robbery!!!!come on out!!"shouts Joel.Ellie then comes outside,just as Tommy and Maria come out of Jane's house,"People!!!yes there has been a robbery and right now we still havent been able to find any clue of who the thieves might have been!!"shouted Tommy.Maria then said"We will try our best to find them in the morning but for now,we must all return to our houses and remain safe!Please be sure to lock all entrances!" The people then started to move back towards their houses,dissappointed and scared.Joel then grabbed Ellie's hand and said "C'mon,lets go back to sleep"They then go back inside and as Joel closes the front door Ellie asks him"They must have been pretty good huhh???" Joel replies "Yeah,one things for sure though they weren't bandits,so they must have been inside the city." Ellie said"You better lock that door."Joel grinned and said"Already did it." The two talk for a while and then eventually went to sleep.

Chapter 2:New friends,New problems

Joel woke up early in the morning,he was off duty that day but for some reason he just couldnt sleep.He went upstairs to check on Ellie and found her sleeping soundly in bed.There was a knock on the front door and Joel rushed downstairs and grabbed his revolver "Nobody ever comes out this early,never."Thought Joel,he walked up slowly towards the door and opened it to find Tommy.Joel sighed "You had to come this early???" Tommy grinned and replied"I wouldnt have if there wasnt an emergency." Joel said "Come on in." "So,did you catch those thieves?"said Joel while grabbing a chair,"No,we couldnt find any of them,they're good,but thats not why I am here." Joel said" why are you here???"Tommy then said quietly"Just this morning,We found a dead body right outside the city with a note attached,it read "We have your men and we intend to kill them all,unless we can reach an agreement."Joel said"What men???"Tommy said"Well,just yesterday I sent a small group of five people out hunting." Joel sighed"And you want me to come with you to get them back right??" Tommy said"Those people have families Joel,just imagine the look on their faces when I told them this,they were distraught,scared and angry at me,so are you gonna help me try and find them???We are only gonna search a few places,we will be back before nightfall." Joel said "Just you and me???" Tommy nodded and Joel said"Ok...but when."

Ellie found Joel's note and was furious"How could he just go on without me?????couldnt he just wake me up????"Ellie said to herself angrily and threw the note in the trash.The note read"Ellie,I have gone out back by 8." Ellie was dissappointed,there was nothing that she could do here and she hated being bored.She then went outside,there were kids playing outside,"Wow,even though theres been a robbery....huhh,it must be pretty safe then" Ellie decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood,as she walked she saw kids having fun,playing here and there."Am I the only one bored over here??"She said to herself.As she walked she found 2 boys bullying a small kid " guys."She shouted,she had encountered the two before.The two looked back at her "Look who it is,what you gonna do about it huhh??Your just a little girl!!"said the first one.Ellie got mad and ran up to them,she punched the first one on the nose but the other one overpowered her and got her down,the two then took turns in kicking her"How does it feel huhh??this is what happens when you mess with us." Thats when they heard a voice from behind "Hey!!!"They looked behind to see a Boy,about Ellies age."Get lost kid,cant you see we're in the middle of something?" The boy grinned and said"Thats precisely why I am here,your in the middle of my backyard." The first one replied"Get lost or we kill you." The boy then took out a silenced pistol.The second one,now looking scared said"You wouldnt." The boy grinned "You sure about that??I got a silenced 9mm and nobodys around at the moment,so I can easily shoot you and get away with it......get the picture now???" They started to back away and then ran off.The boy held out his hand and asked Ellie"Are you okay?" Ellie got up and replied"Yeah,yeah I'm good.Whats your name?"The boy smirked"Shouldnt I be asking you that?...Aaron..Aaron is my name." Ellie said"My name is Ellie,thanks for helping me out." Aaron then took out another pistol from his coat and handed it to Ellie "Here..take this,for future purposes." Ellie said"Thanks again." Aaron then opened the backdoor of his house and said"You wanna come in?Theres  food,weapons and good entertainment." Ellie,looking confused,asked"What kind of entertainment?" Aaron smiled and said"The best kind." 

Ellie entered the kitchen through the backdoor,Aaron then went up to the fridge and asked her"Want some food?We've got plenty." Ellie said"No thanks." They both then left the kitchen as Aaron led her around the house."This is where we sleep."said Aaron and pointed towards a couple of beds placed seperately.Ellie,now getting a bit curious,said"Ok,I have got a couple of questions,Who's we?And why are you showing me this?" Aaron replied"I have got a friend and I am saving the best for last." Ellie said"You mean the entertainment?" Aaron said"The entertainment." As they walked Ellie asked him "How old are you?" Aaron said "15,going to be 16 in two months." Ellie said"You're a bit tall for a guy who's gonna be 16." Aaron smiled and said "And your a bit short for a girl who's 15." Ellie said "I am did you know I'm 15?" Aaron shrugged and said"Lucky guess." Aaron then stopped infront of a door and said"This is our entertainment." As he opened the door,Ellie stared in disbelief.There was music playing around,there was a huge plasma tv,there were movies kept aside on the shelves,along with comics and books.Ellie,still standing there in disbelief said"Whoa.....this is.....incredible." Aaron grinned"Never seen anything like this huh?Yep,thats how I felt." Ellie now calm said"So...wheres your friend?" Just as she said this another guy entered the room carrying popcorn in one hand and a beer in the other singing"Hell yeah baby...I'M KING OF THE WORLD!!" Aaron sighed and said"Harvey..dont tell me your drunk again." Harvey laughed and burped." Aaron said disgustingly"Why do I even ask?C'mon Ellie..dont mind him." Ellie came up beside him and asked"Your friend drinks alot huh?" Aaron replied"Actually,he's like this even when sober."He then walked up to a dartboard and said"You wanna know one of the best ways to improve your accuracy?Darts.Even helps  you in shooting.Let me prove it."He picked up the couple of darts,aimed and threw,both hit the middle.Aaron grinned and said"See?What did I tell you?" Ellie said"Impressive." Aaron said"Here have a go." Ellie said "Nah I am no good at it.Hey whats the time?" Aaron replied"Almost 8 why?" Ellie said"Oh sh*t,gotta go, I will come back tommorow." Aaron waved and said "Ok see ya."

Chapter 3:The Disappearance

Ellie ran home as fast as she could,as she opened the door she found Joel sitting on a chair.Ellie hugged him and said"You're early" Joel laughed and said"Well,how could I stay out for so long without you?" Ellie smiled and asked"So where did you go?What did you hunt?Why didnt you take me with you?" Joel replied"Actually  Ellie,I...didnt go hunting,Tommy and I went out to find a group of people who havent returned since yesterday.They were the ones who went hunting." Ellie said"Holy sh*t,so did you find them?"Joel shook his head"Well,Tommy said that they found a dead body outside the front gates" Ellie,looking a bit scared said"Holy....So what are you gonna do?" Joel said"We are gonna go out again tommorow,this time going to further places,like bills town for instance,then pittsburgh and...uhh." Ellie said "and?"Joel hesitated and said"The place where you killed David." Joel pulled her close as she started shaking and said"I'm sorry I....shouldnt have said that"Ellie replied in a small voice and said"Its..okay." Joel hugged her and said"C'mon lets go to sleep now okay?" Ellie,still shaking said"Can I watch a movie then go to sleep?" Joel sighed and said"Okay,but not for long." Ellie thanked him and ran upstairs,Joel followed and lied down on the couch,drifting away to sleep.

The next day,Joel asked Tommy if they could delay their search just to spend some time with Ellie,Tommy agreed"Ok,but at 2 pm we have to leave." Joel decided to help Ellie practice her shooting."Is it safe out here?" Ellie asked as she aimed her rifle,Joel answered"Yeah,we're right outside the gates.Plus I'm here with you,arent I?" Ellie shot and hit the target,"Okay,how about a difficult challenge?You see that apple over there?Shoot it." Ellie said"Whoa...I...I cant hit that!Its too far away!" Joel said"Dont worry,it's okay if you miss,I just wanna see how close you get." Ellie then aimed,took a deep breath and shot,and it went an inch or two wide.Joel whistled"That was a great shot!It just went a bit wide.Well done Ellie!" After a couple more shots,they both went back home and Joel started preparing.Sometime later Ellie came up to him and asked"Hey Joel,cant I come with you?" Joel said "No Ellie,its too dangerous,we dont know who we're dealing with and I dont want you to get hurt." Ellie sighed and went back to her room.An hour later,Tommy came up to the house and asked "Hey Joel you ready?Just want a rifle if you have one." Joel handed him a rifle and said"C'mon,lets get going." Ellie said"So,when will you guys be back?"Joel said"Well....we changed our minds,we will search the nearest city,so that means we will be back by tomorrow morning." Ellie gasped and said"Tomorrow morning!!!!but Joel,what about know." Joel put his arm around Ellie and said"Its okay Ellie,we talked to Maria and she would love to have you over,alright now its getting late.Goodbye." Ellie waved as she saw Tommy and Joel go past the gates and leave the city.

Ellie then went to Maria's house.She knocked and waited for a couple of minutes,no answer."Hmm,must be out somewhere." She searched around the house and found no one."Oh great,now what do I do now?" She decided to head over to Aaron's house,she found Harvey in the backyard looking for something."Hi." Harvey looked at her and said "Ahh..hi,who are you and what are you doing in my backyard?" Ellie said"Uhh....My names Ellie.......I'm the girl who came over the day before yesterday.Remmember?" Harvey looked confused,Ellie said"You were drunk when I came." Harvey smiled and said"Ahhh....that explains it,I usually forget the things I do when I'm drunk.Wanna come in?" Ellie nodded her head and followed him inside.Harvey took out a bottle of beer and asked Ellie"You drink?" Ellie said"Never tried it.Never want to." Harvey laughed and said"Yeah sure,we'll Aarons friend?" Ellie nodded her head and asked"Where is he?" Harvey took a big sip and said"You know the entertainment place right?He's in there." Ellie thanked him and went to the entertainment room.He was watching a movie,as she entered,he said"Hey Harv, come and look at this,its so f***ing cool.Ohh hey,you're back.Who opened the door for you?Harvey?" Ellie replied"Yeah,who else would?" Aaron grinned and said"Must have been an awkward conversation for you,considering he didnt know you." Ellie smiled and said"Very awkward." Aaron chuckled and asked her"So,what do you wanna do?Wanna watch a movie?Its like two hours long." Ellie said"Well...I do have time." Aaron grinned and started the movie.As it went on,Aaron kept bringing all sorts of things to eat and drink.Ellie was amazed and curious.After the movie,they went out to the backyard to play football."Alright then...Harvey its you and Ellie against me.Alright?Lets start!" The match went on till Aaron won 2 -1,"Yeah suckers!You see that!" Harvey said"Hey!You had an advantage!No offence Ellie." Ellie said"Yet I'm offended." Aaron laughed and said"Dont be an a** Harvey,she played well...ok how about me and Ellie against you?It doesnt matter who's with me cuz I always beat you!Harvey agreed and they started.Yet again Aaron won the match 3-0.Aaron grinned and said"Told you." They played a bit more till Aaron decided to go back inside and rest.He pulled up 2 beers for him and Harvey and gave Ellie a bottle of water,they sat down on the sofa and relaxed.Aaron said"Ahh,this is the life!It would have been better if those infected had'nt been around." Ellie said "Yeah I know."      Harvey yawned and said"Wow,it's almost 7." Ellie looked surprised and said"Oh crap,seven already!I gotta go!"

Aaron got up and said"Ok,But take some food with you.We've got plenty." Ellie agreed.As she took the food she asked him"I have a question.How do you guys get so much food?I know Tommy gives us some but you guys have alot!" Aaron,looking uneasy said"Yeah....we get it..uhh..from different places.Isn't that right Harvey?" Harvey nodded,Ellie got curious and asked"What do you mean by places?" This time Harvey replied" know..from places." Ellie got suspicious but she said ok.She walked towards the door,and then it struck her."No...oh ..guys are the thieves?!I cant believe this." Aaron quickly said"Listen isnt what it looks like." Ellie angily said"Yes...yes it is." She went outside and banged the door.Harvey looked at Aaron and said"You couldnt play it cool,could you?" Aaron looked back and said"Yeah,like you were an icecube at that point."

Ellie walked quickly towards Maria's house.She couldnt believe it,they were so friendly and nice,yet they turned out to be the thieves.The only friends she had turned out to be thieves.She headed over to Maria's house and found the door open.Maria was sitting on a chair,"Oh hey your back!"She got up and hugged Ellie.Ellie said"Sorry I was out for so long,I came but there was nobody home.Maria said it was ok,she asked"So you wanna eat something?I brought food." Ellie said"No thanks I already ate,I'm gonna go to sleep now ok." Maria said"Yeah sure,you're rooms upstairs on the right.Ellie thanked her and went up to her room.She looked around and sat down on her bed.Then She thought about the events that had happened that day and finally went to sleep.

Ellie woke up next morning,she got up and went downstairs.As she passed the kitchen she heard voices coming from inside,she pressed her ear against the door."I cant believe this is happening."Maria said,then Ellie heard someone say"They will be fine,dont worry." Maria,who had started weeping said"How..what can we do?We just lost contact with Tommy!!Oh my god!I hope they are fine!What will Ellie say after this!" Ellie was shocked to hear this,she ran back to her room and sat on her bed.She started sobbing,what could she do?She was just 15,kids her age couldnt do much.But thats when it hit her,she had a plan,a good plan,but would it work?

Chapter 4:The Search Party

"So you're saying that you want us,to come with you,and help you find you're dad?" Ellie looked at Aaron and nodded"Yes,and We are gonna need ammo,food and everything else there is." Harvey came up and said"Hey,I know that going on a rescue mission is swell and going on an adventure and stuff.But whats in it for us?" Ellie said"Umm...appreciation from you're friend?" Aaron said"Well.............nah how about some food,ammo,guns?" Ellie stared at him and said"But you've got tons of that!" Harvey folded his arms and said"Oh we know,we just want more." Ellie folded her arms and said"Fine,guess Maria's going to find out who stole food from that old lady." Aaron and Harvey looked at each other,Aaron said"You know....appreciations good enough." Ellie smiled and             said"Great,now c'mon lets go,you're taking too much time,we have to head out now! !"Harvey pulled her back before she reached the frontdoor and said "Whoa whoa whoa.we're not going out now,are we?Look we have to get ready,and head out by midnight.Oh,and by the way,you touch that door,you get electricuted." Ellie looked at him in disbelief"Midnight!  Wait,I touch that door I get what?"Aaron smiled and said"Electricuted,pretty neat huh,good thing Harvey pulled you back just in time.And Harveys right,we head out at midnight,because till then we will have everything we need and there arent many guards patroling the perimeters." Ellie let out a sigh and said"Ok,what do you want me to do?" Aaron said"We want you to go back,gather as many supplies as you can,and come back just before midnight,make sure everybody's asleep," Ellie said ok and went outside through the backdoor.She first went to her house and checked if any rifles, guns were there.She first searched her room  and only found her dagger,she searched here and there,no guns,no ammo.She searched in the kitchen for food,and found two cans of peaches."Great.This is all I get huh?" Ellie hurried back to Maria's house to avoid suspicion,Maria didnt know she had left.As she opened the door went inside she bumped into Maria's friend."Oh,sorry it was my fault." The woman smiled and said"Oh,its alright.Listen dear,Maria told me to tell you that Joel and Tommy will be back by midnight.They're uh...having some problems." Ellie smiled back and said"Oh,thats ok,thankyou for telling me."The woman said"No problem." Ellie headed back to her room and sat down.She was scared and worried,"What could have happened to them?Oh Joel,please be safe!" She layed down and thought about her journey with Aaron and Harvey,she didnt know if she could trust them,all she knew was that she needed them to help her get Joel back.     Somehow,someway.

Ellie woke up in the night,remembering her upcoming journey, she checked the time."Oh crap,its almost midnight!"She quickly grabbed her things and stuffed them into her backpack, she quietly opened the door and tiptoed to Maria's room,she peered through the slightly open door and saw a shadow of Maria in bed,she waited for a few seconds and heard snoring.Ellie smiled and went downstairs,she opened the front door and walked outside.It was dead quiet,nobody was around and you couldnt hear a thing."Wow,I guess it was a good decision to leave at this time."Ellie thought.She quietly went up to the boys house and slipped in through the backdoor,she found Harvey in the living room,packing."Oh,hey you're here,you're late you know that?"Ellie said"Yeah..sorry." Harvey,still tossing food in the bag said"Its alright,Aaron's still sleeping.It looks like you've been sleeping too.' Ellie nodded her head.Aaron suddenly entered the room,still in pajamas,with messed-up hair and sore eyes."Hey Ellie,you're early,Harvey,go ahead its you're turn to sleep." Harvey angrily responded"No she isnt you idiot!You overslept,took my turn to sleep and havent packed a thing since then!!!Its midnight,you stupid c**t!" Aaron said"Whoaa,easy with the words Harvey,go sleep for an hour,thats enough for me to get ready and enough time for us to pack our things." Ellie raised her eyebroew and said"Us?" Aaron said"Yes,unless you wanna leave at dawn." Ellie sighed and started.An hour later Aaron and Ellie sat down on the sofa,both ready."Shouldnt we wake him up now?" Aaron said"Nah,lets give him another 15 minutes." Ellie said'Are you sure you've got guns?I havent packed any and I havent seen any either." Aaron got up and said"We do, Harvey put them in another bag." Ellie said"So we have four bags,whos gonna carry the fourth one?" Aaron said"Thats for Harvey to decide.By the way,did you bring anything?" Ellie said"Yeah I did,but its not much.I've got a dagger,revolver,two cans of peaches and some food I took from Maria's house." Aaron smiled and said"Guess we're not the only thieves." Ellie said"Hey,this is an emergency." Aaron grinned.Two minutes later Harvey came in,"Oh hey you're awake." Harvey said "Yeah,I knew you would forget to wake me." Aaron stood up and said"Hey!I didnt forget, I was giving you 15 minutes extra.Anyways,you ready?" Harvey replied'Yeah,you got you're two pistol's right?Ellie you ready?" Ellie replied   "Yeah,ofcourse I am." Aaron said"Alright then,lets go." They picked their bags up and went outside.Ellie looked at the two walking infront of her and knew, that her adventure had already begun. "Alright,now listen Ellie,we cant get out of the city because of the fence,and there are too many guards.So,what we were going to to was meet a friend of ours." Ellie said"He knows a way out?Who is he?" Harvey said"Yup,we will tell you the rest of our plan when we reach the house.Lets keep quiet at the moment." Aaron suddenly stopped  and whispered"Guys,theres a man at the end of the street." They ducked behind a truck,"Crap,I thought Jones said that there were no guards on this street?"said Harvey."Yup,thats what he said,lying bastard." Ellie asked them"So what do we do?" Harvey glanced at the man patrolling and said"Ok,we are gonna go up to that house,and from then on we stick to the shadows and move towards Jones house." Aaron said"This is our plan?" Harvey said"You got a better one,birdbrain?" Aaron shook his head.They moved quietly and quickly,the plan was going well until they reached the house"Hey you!Who goes there?!Come here right now or I shoot!" said the guard.They faced him and just as Harvey opened his mouth to speak they heard a voice from behind"Its alright Kevin!Their with me!Put the gun down." Kevin lowered his gun and said"Oh sorry Jones,didnt know they were with you.Jones then invited them into the house,"Whoa,that was a close one."said Aaron as he sat down on the sofa.Jones grinned and said"Alright now,you guys relax till I bring the things you asked for." Ellie asked Aaron"So whats the plan?" Aaron  sat up and said"Well,Jones is gonna give us all 3 walkie talkies or...umm,WTs,we are gonna go through an underground tunnel to get out of the city and we reach the nearest city by morning." Harvey then said"Jones is a good friend of Maria,he can get us the information we need when we reach the city,and then we find you're dad." Ellie looked outside a window,she had to find him,he had taken care of her so well and taken her in with him."Hey,   look,dont worry alright?We are gonna find him and Tommy."said Aaron.Ellie appreciated it,after all,they were the ones coming on this hell of a trip with her,risking their own lives.She really did appreciate it and was happy that they were coming.

Jones came down the stairs and said"Here,take these things." Ellie looked and saw  three Wts,some ammo,food and a revolver,Harvey said"Ellie,you take the revolver,food and one WT.We share the ammo,alright?Jones,show us the way." Ellie grabbed the things and put them in her bag.Aaron patted Jones shoulder and said"Stay in touch buddy" Jones smiled and said"Thats my job,dont worry,you will get the information." The trio followed Jones into an attic,he touched the wall and and pushed,a part of it gave way and moved sideways,showing a tunnel."So...f***ing awesome." said Ellie.Aaron said"I,on the other hand,expected something better." Jones said"My young friends,there is nothing as good as this."Alright,see you later Jones."said Harvey,Ellie smiled at him and said"Yeah,thanks." Jones smiled back and said "No problemo." They went inside and saw the wall slide back into position.Harvey said"Flashlights everyone!" Aaron said"Shh,dont scream a**hole,we dont want to attract attention from the top." Ellie followed them and thought about Joel,she really missed him."Dont worry Joel,we're coming."She thought to herself and continued her journey.

Chapter 5:Off we go!

They went through the dark tunnels,except for the sound of their shoes,the tunnel was completely quiet."Are the two of you creeped out?Because I have officially sh*tted my pants."said Aaron."This tunnel is about a hundred years old,they used to use it as a secret way out of the city,we have a very good chace of getting out without anybody noticing,because Jones is the only guy who knows about it."said Harvey.Ellie silently listened and followed,she couldnt wait to get out of this place.Aaron said"Hey Harvey,there is something I have been wanting to tell you."Harvey looked behind and said"What?"Aaron said"I forgot the beer." Harvey sighed and kept going.As they moved further,Harvey stopped and said"Hold up.this is it."He pointed his flashlight towards a ladder at the side and said"This is our way out." Aaron said"You sure?We dont have to go further?" Harvey shook his head and went up first,Aaron pointed his arms towards the ladder and said"Ladies first." Ellie sighed and climbed up."Ahh,fresh air huhh Ellie?"said Harvey.Aaron climbed up and said"Alright,finally out of that place.Now what Harvey?Where are we?" Harvey looked at them and said"According to Jones,we are a few kilometres away from the city,near the dam.I think we should go a few more miles,and find a place for rest,Jones will get the information we need in the morning.We should move towards that way."Ellie finally spoke up"But we have wasted too much time already,we have to keep going!" Aaron looked at her and said"Ellie,I know this is a hard thing to deal with,but we gotta be smart about this." Ellie said angrily"No,you dont know,because its not you're dad whos lost." Aaron looked at her silently.She turned around and started moving,she felt like crying.She fought hard to keep her tears away,she walked for some distance,looked back and saw the other two following her silently.She stopped,turned around and said"Look,I'm sorry for being mad at you guys." Harvey said"No,we're sorry Ellie,you're right.We have to keep moving." Ellie said"Well,you guys lead.I dont really know the way." Harvey smiled and said"Dont worry,we are going the right way." But Ellie let them go first.They walked through the woods,taking different paths,the trees were getting bigger now,and were blocking the moonlight."Uhh Harvey,we are going the right way aren't we?asked Aaron.Harvey took something out of his bag,it looked like a map,it was a map"Jones gave me a map of this region,it stretches out to as far as Boston,actually even further.Its got all the small cities too,including Jackson." Aaron whistled"You've really outdone yourself Harvey." Harvey smiled,opened his flashlight and kept walking.

After two hours of continuous walking,the woods finally ended.Aaron sat down at the edge of a road in exhaustion and said"Ten minutes break guys,I think my legs have fallen asleep." Ellie agreed.They sat down.Harvey layed the map for the others to see"Alright guys,this is the plan,we are here."He pointed at a road just after the woods,if we keep going on this road for another two to three hours,we will reach the nearest city.Two hours until dawn so we have to keep going." Aaron said"Yes,thats all terrific but what if we get into trouble along the way?" Harvey rolled the map and said"Then we deal with it." Aaron grinned and said"Hardcore.Nice,I like that." Ellie said"Why havent we met any of the infected?I dont want to,but I am just curious." Harvey looked at her and said"Its not a very populated area,now is it?" Ellie nodded.They got up and started going along the road,Harvey leading the way.Ellie walked up beside Aaron and whispered"I thought you said Harvey was crazy even when sober?" Aaron looked at her seriously and whispered"One thing you should know about me Ellie,is that I have a tendency to lie alot." Ellie punched him on the shoulder,he pushed her,she pushed back and he fell,"Ouuuchh,you had to push me?" Ellie looked at him and said"You are such an actor." Aaron got up and hurried up towards her,"I know,thats another one of my tendencies." Ellie laughed and Harvey looked around and said"Guys,stop goofing around." Ellie stopped and Aaron said"Yes Master."Ellie laughed again and Harvey sighed and continued walking.

An hour later they came towards a dead end.The road was completely destroyed,cars were battered all over.Harvey looked for a way around,Aaron looked at the wreckage and said"There is no way through."Ellie looked  around and said"There has to be a way." Harvey said"There is a way."He pointed towards another road,Harvey said"According to the map,this way leads to the city as well,but it will take more time." Aaron and Ellie sighed.They continued walking until they heard a clicking sound,they quickly ducked behind a big rock."Can you see it?"whispered Ellie.Harvey whispered"No,wait a minute.Wheres Aaron?" Ellie quickly looked around and whispered"I dont know!He was right behind me before we heard the noise." Harvey said"Aww crap,the clickers are gonna get him." Ellie whispered"But we cant let that happen!" Just as she said this they heard the clickers click furiously,and gunshots were heard.Harvey got up with a gun his hand and said"Aaron!!Nooo!!!"He suddenly stopped dead.Ellie got up and saw two dead clickers,and a confused Aaron standing beside the corpses.Then he burst out laughing"OHH MY God!!!!The look on you're faces!!!PRICELESS!!!" Harvey ran towards him and punched him on his chest,Ellie then came up and pushed him,he fell down,still laughing"You scared the sh*t outta us!"said Ellie.Aaron,  still clutching his gun said"What,they were just clickers,besides I killed them for you." Harvey angrily cussed him and started walking,Ellie followed.Aaron ran up to them and said"I was joking with you guys." Ellie said"Shutup." Another three hours passed and the sun shone brightly on them,Harvey came to a stop and said"There it is,The city." Ellie stopped beside him,Aaron said"Finally."

Chapter 6:The City

They walked on the streets of the abandoned city,corpses lay around.Ellie choked,they were disgusting.Harvey was holding his map,trying to find a route out,Aaron followed,whistleing and with hands in his pockets.Ellie said"Hey guys,I think we should rest now." They looked back at her,"Are you sure?"said Harvey,"We can get out of the city if you want." Ellie shook her head"No,its fine.We cant go on forever." Aaron said"Ok,so all we got to do is find a good house to stay in." They walked through the streets,searched for a house but most of them were brutally wrecked,"Hey,how about that one?" Harvey pointed towards a house,it looked old,spooky,wrecked like the others but to some extent,"Great,yes why not that one?Lets rest in that old abandoned house which is the scariest of them all.What bad could come out of it?"Aaron said sarcastically.Ellie said"Well,it does look creepy,but what other choice do we have?" Harvey started walking to the pavement,the other two followed him inside,they looked around."It looks decent."said Harvey,"Lets split up,look around for supplies and find a good room to sleep in." They split up,Harvey went upstairs,Aaron and Ellie searched downstairs,after a while they heard screaming.They ran upstairs and burst into a room.Harvey was there,A runner on top of him,he was holding him off.Aaron shot him right in the head with his silenced gun."Holy sh*t." They ran and helped him up,"You ok Harvey?" Ellie asked,Harvey wiped the blood and meat off his clothes and said"Yeah,dont worry.I'm havent been bit,yet." Aaron waved his gun in the air and said"How about we stick together,let the man with the gun lead and search?" Harvey looked at him and said"You sir,are not a man" Aaron shrugged"Whatever." Ellie said"And we all have guns." Aaron said"How about we just get going?" Harvey said"Fine,I found a place,its good enough,sunlights pouring in,there is one bed.Not a problem,we have sleeping bags.So lets go,its right around the corner."They followed  Harvey into a room.Ellie looked around,it seemed fine."Ok,two of us are going to take a nap,we take turns in keeping watch,I will start first." said Aaron.Ellie chuckled"The man with the gun?" Aaron looked at her and said"Shutup." They had a big argument in who is going to sleep on the bed,until Ellie won the argument,saying she was the youngest and a female,thus getting the bed.They agreed and went to sleep.

Ellie woke up and found Aaron with her walkman,wearing earphones and listening to a song.Ellie shouted"Hey!You cant use that!" Aaron looked at her,took his earphones out and said"Sorry?" Ellie responded angrily"You cant use that!Its mine!You cant just take my things!" Aaron said"Ahh cmon,lighten up.I'm listening to Eminem." Ellie asked"Who?" Aaron said"Eminem,I bought a few cassettes for the walkman,and a few music CDS.We have hobbies,dont we?" Ellie said"Ok,is Eminem a good singer?And do you have any other of his songs,or another singers songs?" Aaron said"He is not a singer,he is a rapper,an awesome rapper.King of hip hop.Yes, I do have others,one of them is Lil Wayne,whom I despise." Ellie said"Why do you have them then?" Aaron plugged the earphones back and said"Someone in this room likes his songs." Harvey,who had woken up and had been listening,said"What?He is okay,not as good as Em but still." Aaron laughed and said"He sucks.How can you like a guy,who named himself after Bruce Waynes d*ck?" Ellie laughed,she had seen Batman with Aaron,and had enjoyed it tremendously"Ok!That was a good one." Aaron smiled and said"I aim to please." Harvey got up and said"My turn to watch,go to sleep as***le." Aaron grabbed the sleeping bag and said"B**ch." Ellie yawned and went back to sleep.

Harvey was hearing voices,not clickers or any kind of infected."Crap,I have to check it out." thought Harvey,he stood up and slowly opened the door.He searched the rooms upstairs quietly,the whispering had stopped.He crouched and slowly made his way downstairs.Again he heard voices,this time they were louder."Jake,how on earth are we supposed to find supplies,half the city is trashed!" Jake replied"I dont know man,atleast we got this house,look you search the kitchen,I got this room.Then we head upstairs." The other man grunted,but obeyed.Harvey followed him into the kitchen,took his dagger out and stabbed him on his neck."One down,one more to go." He turned around and was pushed hard against the wall,Jake had the element of surprise and took advantage,giving Harvey painful blows on the stomache,Harvey dropped down moaning in pain,Jake pulled his gun out from his coat and aimed,but Harvey was quick,he stabbed Jakes hand and flung at him,gave a couple of punches and then reached for his gun.But Jake threw him away,Harvey cried in pain as he hit the wall,Jake,still clutching his stabbed hand, said"You little prick!You're gonna die here!" He grabbed Harveys throat and squeezed,Harvey gasped,trying to release the hold,he felt pain.Suddenly,Ellie flung at Jake and stabbed him on the shoulder,Jake screamed and slammed his back against the wall,Ellie lost her grip and gasped" it!" Aaron pulled his gun out, aimed and said"Adios B**ch!" and before Jake could react,Aaron pulled the trigger.Jake lay on the ground,motionless.Aaron made his way over to him and said"He's dead!You guys ok?" Harvey moaned,Ellie coughed"Well... aside from breaking my back,I'm fine." Harvey slowly got up and said"This guy,hits really hard." Aaron grinned"Actually,he used to hit hard,but I,hit him harder." Ellie went up to him and punched his shoulder"You had a gun with you." Aaron put his gun back and said"Whatever,anyways,lets go back.We have to leave this place,lets pack and get out of here while the suns still shining." They agreed and went back,as they were packing Harveys Wts recieved a signal,he picked up"Hey Harvey!So I couldnt get to you earlier,its been chaos since you guys went missing,they think the city isnt safe anymore.Maria is trying to calm them down,man,she is really worried.You sure I shouldnt tell her?" Harvey said"No,dont tell her,have you got the information?" Jones replied"Yeah, Maria made contact with Tommy when he was in the city you are in, she told me they found clues,there was another dead body with a note attached.It read"Come to clinton if you want to see you're friends,over there.We will tell you what we want from you." Aaron said"Whoa,that is creepy." Ellie said"Wait,they must have left the note there because they knew that Joel and Tommy would go there,they must have followed them.They were being watched.Does that mean we are being watched too?" Aaron said"Are you telling me that the guy we just killed downstairs was one of those guys?" Harvey thought for a moment and said"No,they wouldnt split up just like that,and plus,if Joel and Tommy did go to clinton,why would they stay in this city?The guys we killed may have been ordinary hunters.You still listening Jones?Whats you're take on this?" Jones replied"I dont know man,I dont think they are still there.This is dangerous,You shouldnt go there,come back." Ellie said"Not a chance,we have to save Joel." She got up and started packing again,Harvey and Aaron looked at her,"Stubborn little girl,isnt she?" said Jones "Aaron grinned and replied"Like hell." Harvey said"Alright thanks Jones,we will head to clinton,just tell us one more thing?Was that the last time she spoke to him?" Jones said"No,I will get that information after some time,then I will tell you guys.Good luck." Harvey and Aaron got up and started to help Ellie.After they finished,they went downstairs and searched the dead bodies,found a some ammo and food.And set out.

(Hey guys,leave comments even if you already have,This is a s**tty time for me to write this,I'm alone at home,I almost p*ssed my pants whenever I heard any noise.But then again,it was a good experience.)


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