Hello people, me and Jim Logan have been talking a lot and we decided to scrap the idea of the show, now that doesnt mean the show is not happening, Jim and I thought about Joel and Ellie and we decided to leave their story to Naughty Dog and Neil to figure out and finish. This means a few things for auditioners and such

A. Show is still happening in america, still being filmed and posted on youtube

B. All Ellie and Joel auditions have been deleted, they are useless because we are using different characters

C. You will not find out if you get the part for the main characters any time soon, Jim and I are still figuring out the deal with the main characters, the story and so forth.

D. We will give a character description when we are done making the characters and people can sorta audition from there. 

E. The show will NOT be happening this summer, probably the next, we now have a loose deadline for the show because we are not using Ellie and Joel.

Any more questions, go ahead and add them in the comments and Ill be sure to answer them as soon as possible.

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