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  • Fireburn12

    Show Update 1

    August 6, 2014 by Fireburn12

    Hello people, me and Jim Logan have been talking a lot and we decided to scrap the idea of the show, now that doesnt mean the show is not happening, Jim and I thought about Joel and Ellie and we decided to leave their story to Naughty Dog and Neil to figure out and finish. This means a few things for auditioners and such

    A. Show is still happening in america, still being filmed and posted on youtube

    B. All Ellie and Joel auditions have been deleted, they are useless because we are using different characters

    C. You will not find out if you get the part for the main characters any time soon, Jim and I are still figuring out the deal with the main characters, the story and so forth.

    D. We will give a character description when we are done making …

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  • Fireburn12

    Hi! If you are reading this it means that A) I linked you to this or B) You are reading this because you may be a part of the show. I have some things I want to clarify with you. Just a little update on the show really

    1. Who is currently working on the show? Me and Jim Logan (The User) are. we tend to talk about different things about the show, but it has been a while since we last talked. so when I refer to "we" I mean me and Jim Logan.

    2. Will we be getting paid? No. There is a big possibility that we are not going to pay you, BUT we will pay for your Hotel room and food service (food service on the set)

    3. When will we find out if we got the part or not? Around the time of Halloween (Friday, October 31) you will find out whether, you got …

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  • Fireburn12

    The Blood Moon!

    April 15, 2014 by Fireburn12

    Hey Guys, This is a pretty big thing thats going on, and its not in the game, but real life, its something call the "Blood Moon" now as horrible and dark as it sounds, its really not, the moon begins to turn Red about 12:45 (EDT tonight, depending on where you are you can see it, and towards 2:45 (EDT) you can see it, More info is given here: . Now this doesnt only happen tonight, this happens four more times during this year and next year. Ill post pictures if I can and when I can when I go out to see it tonight, See you all around!

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  • Fireburn12

    TLOU Journey to Florida.

    September 28, 2013 by Fireburn12

    Journey To Florida the last of us Fanon

    Chapter 1: Escape

    A young teen boy arose from bed, a bit groggy and sleepy, he had a coffee brown hair and blue eyes, he was a bit dirty and had a few bumbs and blemish's scattered across his face. He sat on his bed for a couple of minutes and then he he checked the clock

    Boy: 7:36 pm, d**m, I slept late.

    The boy got up and walked almost stumbled out into the main room of his apartment where he saw his brother sitting drinking from a water bottle

    Boy: Hey, how was your morning?

    Older Brother: Pretty good, I see you just woke up Ian.

    Ian: Yeah, I don't know why I slept so much. Have you heard from John yet? I heard he stole some rations from the ration depot, go see if he will share some.

    Older Brother: He di…

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  • Fireburn12

    Big Announcement!

    July 19, 2013 by Fireburn12

    Hey guys! Im here to announce the start of my Fanon, A Fresh Start please be sure to watch out for the first chapter "New Friends" On my blog!

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