I  think we ALL can agree that "THE LAST OF US" was on the List of Best games of the Year. But the question is will Naughty Dog give us more...if you are a as much of a fan of this game as I am I know we are not done yet. Sadly if the game has a sequal. Will we be done with Joel and Ellie or could we give them one more story to tell. This Is just an Idea But any Idea is worth questioning. What if a new Mysterious ringleader to a new gang were to find out about Ellie and were to finish the vaccine that Marelene wanted to start. Leaving Ellie and Joel to seek this new Enemy and Eliminate him to get the freedom they want and with details that Every Game needs like If this were to happen would Ellie rage against Joel after Finding out how much she Became to mean to him therefore Killing Marlene to save Ellie. Trust and Believe Producers of T.L.O.U. Your fans will not stop unitill you Quench our thirst for more. We are waiting. Its your move now Naughty Dog!

We Are Ready For More

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