Im Pretty Sure Everybody Enjoys a Good Zombie Movie or Even Better A good Zombie Game and let me tell you "The Last Of Us" Was the best Evidence of A zombie ( or Infected society as I have been told by a Wikia Contributer) Game I've Played In a year or two. But Do You Learn anything from Them? Me...Well there doesnt have to be a World Full of Crazy Agressive Individuals to make me grab my Bug-Out-Bag and Run. I like Informing People A few tips on how to surive if Society Gos dark For a while. Remember It doesn't take much To Set The Public off which Is why I'm Prepared For Anyting that could happen outside the "Saftey of our Homes" Here Is some advice on what happens when S*** hits the Fan.

-Make Sure Your ready for Everything you possibly can.

-Its Important You Always keep a healty Mind! When in Danger DO NOT PANIC if you do consider yourself Dead meat ready to be looted.

More Pro Tips Comming Soon!!!

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