The disease that kills or infects over 60% of this world was a disease that  I read about and let me telll you this IS as scary as it sounds because If you well Nevermind Look at thi video Inspired By Vsause
Could We Be The Last of Us?04:54

Could We Be The Last of Us?

Discussion of deadly

This Video is Informiteve

and Spoiler Free

So As you can see this is does exist and its scary to think that maybe, possibly This could happen to our world. So I say we let Nature take its course and do WHATEVER it takes to survive. Now The most important thing to remember is your plan. NEVER be that person that says the less the better because if you are that person then your REALLY Stupid. THE MORE THE MERRIER. Nothing is Better than having a good partner you can trust. This is Key because you are more likely to die withought a partner or some form of group. Trust me when I see somebody that looks like his head just blew up im grabbing the nearest Person and work some loyalty in that relation. Remember this Guys I will post another Blog tomorow!

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