Hey guys, I am looking for a good group of players for the online factions mode.

I am sick of losing games with random teams because of the one guy that uses up all our reinforcements. I usually get anything between 5-0 to 10-3, but someone will be 1-10 and you just can't win often like that in this game.

I'm no expert at this yet, but I wanted to see if I could find or put together a good group of people who are also interested in playing factions daily.

I am from Canada so it would be best if the people I play with are at least from North America, and I have a mic but haven't used it with randoms yet.

So if you already have a group of good people and need another player, or just want to group up with someone else because of similar results in your games, feel free to add me on PSN my gamer tag is: EpicShotgun

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