After playing both games TLOU:Left Behind and the TLOU again. I been thinking about the that recorder Ellie finds by the helicopter in TLOU: Left Behind. With the female soldier on it dictating her feelings. Of guilt for leaving her friend Ellis who was infected. The recorder mentions that the female soldier  gets 10 miles out before turning back around and staying.

Then does this mean Ellie that after what transpired between her and Joel....that she leaves Joel. After attacking him and taking his backpack with Marlene's recorders in it?? And while on her way to where ever she decides to go to. She stops and listens to the two recorders with Marlene's voice on it...and reads her medical journal.

Then she realizes that (The Fireflies) wanted to kill Joel. And that there was no way to get the cure out of Ellie without Killing her. Which is why Joel saves her. Because the stakes of Ellie being part of a cure was too high...since many people before her has died already.

Maybe after listening to these two recordings. It dawns on Ellie that he did not rob her of anything. But instead he was giving her back her life. And right then and there Ellie decides to turn back around to be with Joel.

Of course this is unclear. But it is one possibility on how things play out at the end. After the credits roll in TLOU. The only person who knows for sure is the writer (Neil Druckmann).

What do you, guys think of this as a possible ending after the credits roll??

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