Naughty Dogs is teamig up with Hollywood for a Movie Adaptation of (The Last of Us)  according to many websites on the internet. The word is that both Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley will write the script. And be heavily involved in the production. Some websites are reporting that  (Sam Raimi) may want to direct it.

As a fan I have my reservation on how well such a Phenomemal game as (The Last of Us)  can make the crossover into a successful film. Due to the fact that most games that has ever been made into a movie. Did not do well with the fans and at the box office. In the past many such crossover movies lacked the right feel of emotions of the character's in these kind of films.

Because they casted the wrong actors to play the character's. Which made them not believeable. And then they hired the wrong director with his own vision on the story. Finding the right actors is also always the Key element to convey the feeling, the tone, of any great story.

And (The Last of Us) is no different from that. But may also present many hurdles when it comes to staying true to what is already there. Since many directors in Hollywood likes to stray from the script of stories that is well written.Just to make it bigger and say something else that is not there in the first place. To make a profit for the movie studios.

Lets hope this is not going to be one fo those cases. With a film adaptation on such a great game as this.

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