I been reading many blogs on the internet. That at (TLOU: Live Show) there was a secret ending. That  picks up after the original ending of TLOU. But Naughty Dogs would not allow people to tape it so it could viewed online.

According to many websites. It is one where years later Joel moves on with his life. And Ellie has not gotten over the events of what happened at the end of the game. In the Live Show. At the end it shows Joel(Troy Baker) playing a guitar and singing to Ellie(Ashley Johnson) sitting in a chair.

Followed by Joel, telling Ellie that he is leaving to go get married. Of all the stupid things for a selective ending for only the people who attended this show. What the hell is Naughty Dogs thinking??! And further more what the hell was (Neil Druckmann) thinking??!

This was definitely a bad decision for Naughty Dogs to make. They have a huge fan base after the release of this game that grabbed over 200 awards. But it sounds like they just shot themselves in the foot with this stupid move. Sorry guys! But I have heard of some companies doing dumb things before but this takes the cake.

This Special Ending at the Live Show was suppose to be Naughty Dogs gift to their fans. If that is the case they should of taken in consideration that not everyone could travel to see this show that happens to be a  fan. And just broadcast the damn thing on the internet since travel is nearly impossible for most people.

And another stupid thing is killing off both Joel and Ellie's character's in this way. Doesn't Naughty Dog value their own fan base or their own artist brilliance when so many people are talking about a game, that translates into literary genius?

But man!!! If you, are not planning to bring Joel and Ellie back in a sequel. At least give us a DLC game that is a conclusion of the original game with Joel and Ellie in it. That wraps up these character's story and loose ends on their relationship. So the fans don't feel so cheated by Naughty Dogs stunt that you, pulled with this One Night Show of TLOU.

When in fact you, are giving all of us the middle finger. Now lets get to the heart of the issue. If this is the case. Then "WHY IN THE HELL!!!" did Naughty Dogs greenlight TLOU  in the first place??!

You, just turned a great game that a lot of people view as a masterpiece. Into one big disappointment. Good going Naughty Dogs for screwing it up!!!  

The truth is giving these character's an ending like this in a One Night Live Show instead of in a game is an insult to the fans of the game.

I realize this was a NON-CANON  and not an offical SONY/NAUGHTY DOG  production Live Show. But still in order to do this Live Show I am sure both Neil and Naughty Dogs had to back it giving NON-CANON  permission. Since TLOU is a copyrighted product made by Naughty Dogs and released by SONY.

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