I been thinking about the ambiguity angle of the game. If you, look at the beginning after Sarah's death when the credits roll. When we first see Joel, wake up in his bed. Where it says 20 YEARS LATER 

This is our first piece of ambiguity. Since we don't know what happen to Joel, during those 20 years. Another piece of ambiguity can be seen in the Tess character, what we do know is she did smuggling jobs with Joel...and that  they may have had a relationship in the past. Apart from that we as the game player found nothing that points to her past.

Another ambiguous  section is when Joel and Ellie find Tommy, at the Dam. And we discover he is now married. This opens up Five  question(s) besides  Maria, being Tommy's wife...(1.)What is her past story? (2.)Does she, herself have any past  connection to the Fireflies??" And questions 3, 4 and 5 are  regarding to Tommy himself... (3.) How deep does Tommy's loyalty to the Fireflies run?Since he makes claim of leaving them, years ago and that his family is his priority now.If Tommy knew that Joel  killed the Fireflies, to save Ellie...(4.)Do you,think he would forgive him and listen to Joel's side of the story?Or(5.) Do you, think Tommy would kill him??

Through out The Last of Us  has had so much mystery with very little answers in it. It is hard to say about anything where the actual truth resides at the end. This is what has made the game a masterpiece of writing. Redefining the video game genre for the next generation. For other game companies to step up to the plate and try to surpass it.

Just about any place  during Joel and Ellie's journey in the game the player. Can find all kind of things with ambiguity in them. Some of which are in the forms of (Notes, recordings, Pictures, and other things.). By the time we, get to end of the story.The most important queston then that little ambigous ending with its "Ok."...Is it really needed??

I suppose (Neil Druckmann), may have run out of ideas at this point. And rushed the ending with it ending the way it did on the cliff...with that final little "Ok.". Instead of giving the game player more of a well rounded ending that ties things together. But instead we want more of this game after it is over...and even many months afterwards.

We find ourselves sitting around the table with our friends debating about what happens to both Joel and Ellie. And even asking ourselves where are they in this brutal upside world.

This just goes to show how well The Last of Us was written as a story for a video game. It is a perfect 10! Making us want to come back for  a second helping. And the fans, wanting an equally strong sequel to it. If Naughty Dogs ever decides to bring Joel and Ellie back since the fans, have fallen in love with these characters.

I will bet that Neil and his team at Naughty Dogs  can pull it off again for sure! Whether or not if Joel and Ellie will return to be in it. Remains as ambigous as The Last of Us itself.

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