hey if you see this this is for tips to survive in game and in life.


today i beat the game for the 2nd time beating the game it's basicly like beating life but it usally doesnt end happy kinda like the ending to the last of us but it can end happy if you have the right combo life has it's ups and downs like uncharted but then you get to the end and you find out that it wasnt all for nothing god and you made the game of life the best you can so keep your head up and God will reward you if you want to contact me here or at my username on dueling network is chrisrucker.


today my jackass dad finally did something for me like when joel gave ellie a gun he gave me $75.00 that the first thing he did 4 me maybe now i can trust him a little like when tess got bit and it turns out ellie wasnt lieing just goes to show you you maybe you can trust your enemys to have your back dad isnt my enemy though he just a very small foe i love my dad but i havent seen him in forever.Just now ik when push comes to shove he might have my back like tommy from the last of us.


today i wanna talk about God.So in the bible it says a eye for a eye, well we all know what that means,it means that if something bad someone does a reaction of that shall = the same in return.but that happens less and less as the world turns.This countrys pirsion system isnt doing what its supposed to these murderers they need to be executed.Armed robbers they need a gun up to their head wondering if they are going to pull the trigger.Thats all I will say about an eye for an eye.We are all gods children but it seems that we love our father less and less becouse pepole just dont have fatih.Pepole should have faith in God, becouse he is the reson why we are alive he gives us food, water and the pepole we love most.That is all for today.god bless you all.


srry bout not writeing recently been stuck to im not gonna write mutch just gonna say that if u need any help ether game emotion or plain surviveing lord knows i do cuz its happening and id have anyting but a bat contact me and we can make it through hell together.

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