I know this isn't exactly new intel or something more significant for the wiki's sake, but frankly I just felt like expressin' aloud how I feel about Ellie's direction in the game; of course, once again this is primarily speculation, but it's arguably a given (and has been previously stated) that Ellie will gradually play a larger role in confrontations with hostiles as the game progresses, and will eventually be using guns and other, more lethal means in the intent of actually killing people ["After all we've been through...everything that I've can't be for nothing."]. However, what only just recently hit me is how dark and, honestly, how macabre such narrative territory really is -- to place characters in an environment and period as such that you'll be witnessing a 14-year-old teenage girl shooting people to their death and naturally putting people down alongside you throughout the course of your journey is some pretty grim stuff. Where Naughty Dog is going with this is a place I'm likely going to both love and hate to be in in the same time; and definitely not something I'll soon forget.

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