Template:Spoilers I bought this game knowing that it would be great. What I didn't know was that The Last of Us would be one of my best gaming experiences of all time. I really love The Last of Us and whenever I play it I feel how much thought was put into the development. The characters are very distinct and Ellie is easily lovable and my favorite character. (Spoiler Alert) I was blown away in the deer hunting sequence when you play as Ellie in the Winter stage of the game.(End of Spoiler)

You are constantly feeling at risk whenever there are enemies and are sometimes forced to use stealth and tactics as only one wrong move with an enemy can kill you. The crafting system is very well thought out, you find supplies while exploring and craft different items such as medical kits or molotov cocktails. When crafting items Joel has to take out his backpack, the game doesn't pause, forcing the player to craft in real time and forces the player to be weary of when and where to craft items, that was just one of several reasons of why this game is awesome. The game is an overall masterpiece and is flawless in all aspects. It easily goes into the list of best games of all time. I think Naughty Dog Inc, really created an amazing game with one of the most unique apocalypse stories I've ever experienced. I strongly reccommend this game to anyone who is looking for a game with a strong story, stellar gameplay and cinematic cutscenes. This game will not let you down.

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