Fanon: The Last of Us II: Wounds turned Scars

Update: 3.1

Summary: Taking place two years after the first TLoU, something happens and shatters Ellie's new life into fragments... she wakes up in search for these fragments to piece together; starting the ultimate quest for something she lost long ago...


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WtS. Where are you Joel

CaPtiAn1590: Wounds turned Scars Image. Click to enlarge.





Day 0 (Intro)

(Two years later at Tommy's settlement)

(Ellie wakes up and wipes broken glass and computer equipment off of her)

Ellie: "What the f*** happened...."

(Ellie staggers to get up and barely walks towards the door before losing balance and slams into the wall with her severely injured arm and hits the ground with sharp pains... then blacks out)



(Joel turns around to be grabbed by a Clicker. Ellie rushes and stabs the Clicker in the back of the head with her switchblade only to be grabbed by another runner and is bit on the scar on her arm. She then struggles hard, screaming, and forcibly breaks free. Then the runner grabs her violently and throws her (clawing a deep chunk into the same arm) into a shelf. Vases and computer towers on the shelf fall on her and knock her out. The last thing she heard was Joel yelling "ELLIE!!!!!" before fading quickly to nothingness.)

{Flashback Ends}

(Ellie wakes up to a loud thunderstorm outside and struggles in pain to pull herself together to find Joel and the others. Before getting up though see notices that the fungus on her devastated arm has grown and adrenaline in her fires up fast as she quickly stares in fear, tears forming, and her skin becoming pale!)

(Ellie just holds it all in to herself and gets up slowly and walks towards the door, lightning crackling overhead)

Ellie: *struggling* "Where are you Joel..... Joel, are you there". *tears running down her face* "Tommy" ... "Anyone"... "I'm alone... all alone; by my f***ing self" *lighting strikes close by* "AHH S***!!... It's okay Ellie you will make it... I will make it... Just hope everyone is still alive... AGGGHHH..."

(Ellie's arm starts throbbing in sharp pain, holding it tightly, she screams. She sees the fungus growing on her arm, her veins glowing a hint of green, and her head starting to hurt.)

Ellie: *crying* "No, I am not turning... I am immune... I can't become infected....."

Firefly Scout 1: "Quick i heard screaming from in here."

Ellie: *gasps*

(She goes and hides, checking for her revolver)

(The Firefly Scouts enter the building)

F.F.S. 2: "Look I didn't hear anything. We either find this f***ing girl or we head back to camp and let our boys 'interrogate' the old man for her location. Quick before we become a snack for the infected!"

F.F.S. 3: "Hey guys look at this blood trail."

F.F.S 2: "It's been there."

F.F.S. 1: "I don't know; I heard screaming, that is why we entered this s***hole."

F.F.S. 2: "Well if you guys are so concerned then; Ryan you can go over there."

Ryan: "Alright, but if I find this girl, you both owe me a drink."

F.F.S. 1,2: "psshhhh; Kay/Alright.... whatever.."

(F.F.S. 3-- Ryan, turns around to find Ellie standing there with her infected right arm hidden behind her. The other two turn around and are shell-shocked at the sight)

Ellie: "What the h*** do you want with me."

F.F.S. 1: "I suppose you're Ellie."

Ellie: "And I suppose you're going to tell me where your camp is."

F.F.S. 1: "Yes, and you're coming with us, alive... or dead."

(Ellie shows her right arm, stunning the Scouts)

Robert: "Is she turning? There is no use to take her!"

F.F.S. 2: "This isn't possible! The boss said she was immune!"

Ellie: "You will tell me where Joel is." *Grabs her revolver*

Ryan: "S***!" *Pulls his Four-Shooter and fires two rounds at her*

(One misses but the other hits in her lower waist. Ellie, stunned, lets go of her revolver, traumatized by the belief that she will die alone, and drops to her knees.)

F.F.S. 1: "Oh my god..... Ryan. What the f*** man! Go grab her... They needed her dead anyway."

Ellie: {*Thinking* This isn't happening... I'm dreaming... Yes, just dreaming... I'll wake up... Will I..... Will I f***ing wake up... In the afterlife... I never really understood the afterlife...}

(Ryan picks her up over his shoulder)

(Ellie regains her senses, reminding herself of her gunshot wound)

Ellie: *mumbling*

Ryan: "Huh... Oh, she's not moving, probably just hearing s***!"

Ellie: *whimpers* "...fin....jjo....Joel....."

(Ryan turns his head to look; Ellie bites him and slides off behind. Ryan screams as and falls onto his knees. Ellie then moves as fast as she can, picking up her revolver, moving to the closest cover as F.F.S. 1--Mick grabs his gun and fires at Ellie missing every shot. F.F.S. 2--Jack goes to check Ryan.)

(Ellie peaks over and shoots Mick in the head, followed by Ryan. Ellie spares Jack by shooting him in the leg which he drops. Ellie than approaches him, her hand over her bullet wound)

Jack: *crying* "You're a f***ing monster... you hear me! A. F***ing. Monster. You killed them both."

(Ellie walks closer)

Jack: "Don't come any closer.... I'M WARNING YOU!!!" *aims his gun*

(Ellie shoots his arm, pushes, and pins him on the ground...)

Ellie: *furious* "Where is Joel!!!!"

Jack: "I don....."

Ellie: "DON'T F***ING LIE TO ME!!!!"

Jack: *terrified* "Last I know; our boys were taking survivors from the infected attack, along with any weapons, food, and other supplies they could find here... to one of our bases; somewhere north. Your friend was difficult but they took him. That's all I know I swear... don't kill me, please."

Ellie: *relieved / nodding* "...Okay..." 

Jack: *reaching for his gun* "Thank you. I promise you will never see me again."

Ellie: *kicks the gun away* "Nice try." *puts Jack at gun-point* "But, I'll make sure your promise is kept."

(The next morning, the thunderstorm has passed. Ellie walks outside, checking her revolver and her patched gun-wound before walking to the gate, starting her journey.)

Ellie: "...I'm coming Joel..."

Day 1 (The 'Peaceful' Forest)

(Ellie continues walking past the gate into the forest following the road north)

Ellie: "I remember this forest... it was like two-three years ago." *remembers running away* "One things for sure is that the growth of nature is amazing, say the least..." *sigh* "I hate f***ing being alone... as long as I am cautious though I should be fine. Just think about what Joel said to me."


Joel: "Ellie... someday will come were you will have to look after yourself. I won't be here forever to guide you everywhere. You know that right."

Ellie: "Joel please..."

Joel: "When that day comes, you must be a survivor. You must kill in order to survive. You were given a gift on being immune. Now I hope I can go on in peace knowing you can handle yourself!"

{Flashback Ends}

Ellie: *nods* "Well I guess that day has come Joel."

('An hour passes in silence')  

Ellie: "What the h*** is wrong with you." *stares at the fungus on her arm* ... *chuckles sarcastically* "It's not you Ellie! It's the stupid, f***ing, fungus growing inside you is all... you're immune to it, but it's growing. No worries!" *sigh* "...Alone, with a lethal fungus, and talking to myself... yep... all fears in one package..."

(Ellie continues walking the trail for about an hour in silence)

Ellie: *curious* "What is that" *she notices a dead corpse in the middle of the road*

(When Ellie gets closer, she notices that it still has belongings and gets into the tree line fast, assuming it is a trap, she observes the area... nothing... she tries listening as hard as she can. While doing so, Ellie naturally closes her eyes and and starts clicking rapidly with her tongue)

Ellie: *startled* "What the h***!" *tries clicking her tongue fast but can't* "How did I do that."

(Ellie closes her eyes again, focuses, and starts rapidly clicking her tongue. Using echolation, she is able to hear movement in the area)

Ellie: *shocked* "Wow! Is this how those f***ing clickers see... 'cause this is really f***ing cool!"

(After using her new instinct for five minutes, she never heard any large movement. Ellie goes to check the corpse.)

(After checking the corpse she learns it was just a lost firefly scout; she then loots a map, a first aid kit, a molotov, some salted venison, and a sniper rifle with eight rounds of spare ammunition, three in the clip.)

Ellie: "amazed" "Now this has to be my lucky day, a gun, supplies, the fungus doing me good." *Checking the sniper rifle* "I mean who would kill someone and not take this stuff! And I'm talking to myself... again."

(Ellie notices the corpse has chunks ripped out by claws and teeth leading it to not have been a person. She looks around and continues walking)

(4 hours later...)

(Ellie continues following the trail and comes upon the old farm house she ran away to years ago)

Ellie: "I remember this old place." *opens the door* "Hello..." *inspects the whole house... empty* "...well Ellie you found your stay for the night. Now hopefully the generator is still outside." *sees generator* "H*** yes!" *goes to start the generator* "...and presto, electricity!"

(Ellie settles for the night, barricades all entrances with sound alarms, warms the venison in a microwave, practices her echolation, checks all supplies, and goes to the upstairs room watching the sun set before closing the window, lying in bed and shutting her eyes, falling asleep.)


Kari: *anger* "WHERE IS SHE!"

Joel: *Remains silent*

Kari: "You will tell me where is is or I will..."

Joel: "You'll what... kill me. You will never find her. {Thought I / Should have} killed your a** back at that surgery room"

Kari: *Thinks of her options* "Joel, you must listen to me! You must tell us where Ellie is... It is only a matter of time before she... she......"

(Kari stares dead into Joel's eyes)

Joel: *realizes* "What the h*** did you do to my baby girl..."

Day 2 (Time Never Heals)

Ellie: *sleeping* "No. Come back... Joel please don't leave me... please.... don't leave me alone.." *crying; she wakes up, seeing the sunlight out the open window* "Ohh, thank goodness..." *Ellie gets up but can't* "What the f***!" *She notices her right leg is tied to the bed chassis and looks around.*

(Ellie sees a boy about her age sitting in the chair across the room)

Stranger: "Well, well, well... Look who's up!.. Ellie!"

Ellie: *worried* "How do you know my name..."

Stranger: "You talk a lot in your sleep. You seem to be very fond of this.. Joel.. you kept screaming about. Oh, and before you ask; you forgot a window" *points to open window*

(Ellie reaches for her revolver in her back pocket... it isn't there. Ellie, scared, knows she has been out-smarted.)

Stranger: *gets up holding Ellie's revolver* "Looking for this... Ellie.. or should I say Infected!"

(He climbs onto Ellie and pins her as he points Ellie's own trusted revolver at her, the barrel touching her forehead)

Ellie: *frozen, violated, and scared out of her mind* "What... I'm.. not infected.. I am immune... I..."

Stranger: "Bulls***! Your arm says too much." *Clocks the revolver* "You may say your prayers... if you still can."

Ellie: *crying* "What... do you want from me, help!... because you could use some of it"

Stranger: "Hmm... The infection hasn't got to you mentally... yet! So I will tell you my story till you turn, when you do, you will die!"

(Ellie remains completely still; in tears, skin pale as a ghost, with the revolver barrel pressed on her forehead)

Stranger: "Once upon a s***ty time; I lived with my father, my mother was dead from the infection, and we lived in a Firefly Quarantine Zone several miles north of here. My father was a long time Scout for the Fireflies and the best d*** father in the world. He told me on the day he left for a recon mission; 'Don't worry son. I will be back after we go find a girl and return with her.' When our guys came back with the prisoners! He... Never... Returned! His name was Jack and I am his son, Brandon! I am going to go find him and I will kill all infected in my path, including little girls like you! This is my story, not yours... I will... will find him" *starts crying*

(Brandon faces away to wipe his tears; causing him to let off her forehead.)

(Ellie takes advantage of this opportunity and pushes his arm upwards; causing him to fire and miss. Ellie and Brandon wrestle it out until Ellie bites his hand thus dropping the gun in pain. With Brandon shocked Ellie pushes him off of her and pulls him under into the bed and pins him. Brandon really scared now staring at his bite fearing the worst will happen)

Brandon: *terrified* "Should have just shot you"

Ellie: "extremely furious" "Yeah, you think... Tables turn quick if not taken... Now I will tell you my story. Except this time; you will f***ing die at the end of it! I came from that settlement the prisoners came from and I am the girl they wanted!"

(Ellie pulls out Mick's, Ryan's, and Jack's Scout tags with their blood stained on them; from her hidden pocket. Brandon is speechless)

Ellie: "I pinned your f***ing father like I have you right now, asked him some questions, and then I shot him on gun-point! So you have no story; and if you did, this is the end of your final chapter!"

(Brandon is pretty much traumatized to the point of no return staring at his father's Scout Tag with his ID, Name, and blood. Ellie lets go, grabs her revolver, shoots the rope tie to break free, then aims it at Brandon's head the same he did to her, clocks it, and fires)

(Ellie packs up, grabs all her belongings, scavenges anything she finds useful from the house, and gets ready to leave. Before leaving, she grabs her molotov, lights it, heads up stairs and throws it at the wall by the bed, shattering and flames rising. Ellie grabs her gear and leaves the house continuing north.)

(Ellie takes one more look, seeing the inside of the house in flames, smoke coming out of the windows.)

(Ellie continues walking thinking to herself)

Ellie: *depressed* "What if he were to have killed you Ellie. He wouldn't find his father alive, plus other things he would probably do to my corpse.." *chills* ".. he wanted to kill you, so you have to kill back. Be a survivor Ellie. At least he got a funeral, fit for a royal king."

(A couple hours pass with about a few hours of daylight left)

Ellie: *looking at map* "So we were trading with the Fireflies the whole time... wow! Okay so this left path heads to the University Quarantine Zone a.k.a. Checkpoint The School. I remember the first time when Joel almost died on me, then earlier last winter, Joel and I paid a visit there seeing some friends that fortfiied and grew... I am talking to myself... again!"

(Ellie approaches the University. Spotlights arching over the walls shining in the darkening sky. Ellie approaches the front gate seeing one of Joel's friends Kathrene guarding in the booth.)

Ellie: *happy* "Kathrene, is that you."

Kathrene: *Delighted* "Ellie! Its so good to see..." *notices her arm* "..Ellie... what happened.. and where's Joel."

Ellie: "Well. Two days ago, the infected attacked the settlement and Fireflies took all survivors. I have been alone ever since."

Kathrene: *worried* "Oh my god... Ellie, I had no idea... It is almost the end of my shift. I will take you to my place, you will be able to get cleaned up and I will look at your wound."

Intercom Voice: "Attention! All active personel shifts are now changing! I repeat shifts are now changing!"

Kathrene: *relieved* "Okay Ellie I will take you to my place now. Lets go."

(Kathrene takes Ellie to her makeshift apartment in the old dormatories. Ellie sees others heading to their apartments as well.)

Intercom Voice: "Attention! All residents curfew will be in effect in one hour! I repeat curfew is in one hour!"

(Ellie is able to get properly bathed in the Univerities fresh water aquifer filter. Gets a clean pair of pajamas for the night while her other clothes are washed. Kathrene then inspects Ellie's infected arm.)

Kathrene: "Now this might sting a bit.." *puts a drop of the liquid Peroxide on her arm*

Ellie *grabbing her arm in pain* ".. aagghhhh... What is... that"

Kathrene: "Peroxide, used to clean out wounds. Joel told me about your immunity so thats why I am doing this. I still can't believe that you can withstand bites. I also noticed some of your veins are bio-illuminating a hint of green around this wound; a few red too. Just part of being immune though, I guess."

(Kathrene continues using Peroxide as Ellie tries her hardest not to grab the bottle and throw it.)

Kathrene: "You know, after that shower, your hair is a lot brighter in terms of red than I had thought. Which reminds me. I don't think you met Carmine yet. He is your age and has red hair like you do. I think you and him will get along just fine. He runs the market should be here in a few... that is him."

(The door is unlocked and Carmine walks in, locking the door. He turns around and sees Ellie)

Carmine: *shocked* "Mother... who's this..."

Kathrene: "This is Ellie, she is 16 like you are, I hope you two will get along."

Carmine: "What happened to your arm... It looks like it has Gain Green..."

Ellie: "...I'm immune..."

Carmine: *confused* "What..."

Ellie: *nodding* "I'm immune. I was bit a couple years ago and I'm still okay. The fungus recently though was growing after I was bit again back at the settlement in the dam; when the infection broke out and killed almost every defenceless person there was. I was knocked out and when I woke up everyone was gone, taken by the Fireflies. On my way here I learned weird, I don't know like... I can click like clickers do."

(Ellie demonstrates and Kathrene and Carmine are speechless)

Kathrene: "Well. I this has been a h*** of a day. I think we should get to bed. Ellie you can sleep on the couch if you want to."

Ellie: "I'm fine..."

Kathrene: *yawns* "Well I am going to bed. You two don't stay up to late now." *walks to her room*

Intercom Voice: "Attention! It is now curfew! I repeat, it is now curfew! Only Personel may be out at this time!"

Ellie: "Well that was right on que!"

(Carmine goes and sits next to Ellie. Looking at her arm)

Carmine: "Immune. You got bit and never turned."

Ellie: "Yep."

Carmine: "That's awesome. So what other crazy cool powers do you have."

Ellie: *chuckles* "First off. I don't have any powers and clicking basically is echolation that the clickers use to see their prey before attacking."

Carmine: "That's cool. If you were to bite me will I get your... you know... too."

Ellie: *friendy* "It is a long f***ing story so to sum it up. You would lose your mind... and your will."

Carmine: *nodding* "Well. I better get heading off to bed too." *grabs and gives Ellie a blanket* "Here, you'll need this to keep you warm."

Ellie: "Thanks.."

Carmine: "Well it was nice getting to know you." *walks to his room*

Ellie: "Yeah... guess so" *lays down, covering herself, and sleeps*

Day 3 (The Heart Taking)

Ellie: *running* "Joel come back."

Joel: "I'm sorry."

(Joel closes the door behind him. Ellie opens the door and walks into the surgery room)

Ellie: "Whats happening, when did I change clothes." *forced onto to stretcher* "Help me!"

Head Surgeon: "Don't worry Ellie. You wont feel a thing." *holding scissors* "Just need to..."

(Ellie wakes up screaming, Kathrene rushes out to comfort her.)

Kathrene: "Ellie. Ellie calm down. What happened."

Ellie: *scared* "Just... had a nightmare is all. Joel walked out the door and I followed him and I was in a surgery room and some guy holding scissors... Oh my god."

Carmine: "Is everyone alright"

Kathrene: "Yes, we are fine."

Ellie: "I have to go find him."

Kathrene: "But Ellie your wound, your not healed."

Ellie: "Did any Fireflies come though here yesterday or the day before with prisoners"

Kathrene: "No. Come to think of it, there was a rig that came through with heavy cargo, but we never look at it."

Ellie: "How much of this University does the military here control. Did they clear the research center."

Kathrene: "As far as I know the military control the University grounds, all infections were cleared."

Ellie: "Well I want to go there and see if I can find anything on the infection that the fireflies left."

Carmine: "I will take you. I was there yesterday. As far as I know the military don't get in there much."

(Ellie and Carmine get ready and head to the research center. The place is deserted.)

Ellie: "Are you sure there are no infected here."

Carmine: "The military took flamethrowers to every area that had signs of infection for days before they allowed the public to enter. But just in case I brought this."

(Carmine pulls out his quad barrel sawed-off shotgun

Ellie: *shocked* "Holy S***! Where did you get that."

Carmine: "Home-made!"

Ellie: "Don't think anything could survive that. Four barrels..."

Carmine: "With incindos. Burn 'em alive."

(Ellie and Carmine continue walking to the top floor of the research center, Ellie stops)

Ellie: "Wait, hold on."

(Ellie closes her eyes and starts clicking her tongue. Echolation causes Ellie to hear movement and see vibration of movement. Ellie slowly walks forward clicking before opening her eyes to look into a room and seeing a bloater.)

Ellie: "S***! What is he doing here"

Carmine: *scared* "What. The. F***. Is. That."

Ellie: "Shhh. I will go and distract it."

(Ellie gets close to it before her arm starts to hurt)

Ellie: *whimpers* ""

(The Bloater turns around, senses, and tries to grab Ellie. Ellie, on instinct, grabs the bloater's arm, then the other, and wrestles it out. Her veins bio-illuminate a very bright red and green as she forces the bloater against the wall. Carmine is in disbelief watching Ellie hold her own against a large creature.)

Ellie: *struggling* "Carmine come help me out over here!"

(Carmine goes to Ellie before pointing the shotgun at the bloater's head and firing, bursting the bloater's entire top half into scorched pieces.)

Ellie: "Well that is that."

Carmine: "What was that thing?"

Ellie: "A bloater. Rare and how the f*** did I do that." *Watches her veins lose their glow* "It was like I knew what to do to... defend myself. Maybe the fungus has mutated my motor functions for close quarters."

Carmine: "I thought the military cleared this place out."

(An infected soldier walk into the room)

Ellie: "Guess not. Lets just get outta here."

Carmine: "Good idea."

(Ellie and Carmine get to the bottom floor safely and head back to the apartment)

Kathrene: "Right on time, I have dinner ready."

(Kathrene, Carmine,and Ellie have dinner at the dinner table)

Carmine: "Well mom, the research center is still infected and we ran into this large dude that had it's brains blown out, if he still had any."

Kathrene: "What! Do the military know."

Ellie: "Doesn't look like it and it will be best if we not discuss it."

(Ellie gets ready for another night at Kathrene's apartment, gets cleaned up and changed before heading to Carmine's room.)

Ellie: "Hey Carmine."

Carmine: "Hello, just getting ready for bed is all."

(Ellie sits next to Carmine)

Ellie: "Kathrene is asleep, I'm leaving tomorrow, and I just... wanted to say, thank you for being with me today. I have never had anyone who is my age travel with me and..."

Carmine: "...Survive..."

Ellie: "Yes. Riley and Sam were two others my age who traveled with me and they died from the infection. No other my age has ever traveled with me until now."

Carmine: "I know how you feel. I had a brother five years ago who was killed by an infected. Before we came here, we lived in the Hampshire Quarantine Zone that was overrun by infected. Similar to what you told Kathrene and I."

Ellie: "Well, like Joel told me, you move on with your life."

(A moment passes)

Carmine: "I have a confession Ellie. You are the only one to know about this, because of your infection."

(Carmine takes off his shirt, revealing a very old bite scar on his stomach)

Ellie: *quietly* "You're f***ing infected..."

Carmine: "...But never turned. Happened when Hampshire was overrun and my brother, Ben, was killed. I can't believe I am the very thing that killed my baby brother." *gets a tear*

Ellie: "Well; everything happens for a reason... and seeing how I cannot infect you in any way now..."

(Ellie grabs Carmine and lock lips)

Carmine: *shocked* "Ellie, I don't know what to say..."

Ellie: "I'm sorry. It's just... everyone else my age is dead except for you and I never felt like..."

Carmine: "Well, we can be infected lovers, right..."

(Carmine holds Ellie's hand and brings her to him. Ellie is flattered, veins bio-illuminating, as they slowly lock lips)

!! To be continued !!

The Last of Us II : Wounds turned Scars

!!!! Hello guys and girls, this is CaPtiAn1590 and I hope you are enjoying my Fanon series: The Last of Us II: Wounds turned Scars. I use dialogue a lot and use "Days" to separate the events. This allows me to not give the entire story at one time; leaving the suspense to the audience. It also allows you to leave comments that I will note daily until finished. I am also currently planning other Fanons as well so be on the look out for those !!!!

Thank You!

CaPtiAn1590 (talk) 02:56, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

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