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    Fanon: The Last of Us II: Wounds turned Scars

    Update: 3.1

    Summary: Taking place two years after the first TLoU, something happens and shatters Ellie's new life into fragments... she wakes up in search for these fragments to piece together; starting the ultimate quest for something she lost long ago...


    This is in no way official info by Naughty-Dog

    Disclaimers: Spoilers to original TLoU! / (Censored) Language! / Possible Content!

    Those who have an issue with any stated Disclaimers may not want to read on.

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    (Two years later at Tommy's settlement)

    (Ellie wakes up and wipes broken glass and computer equipment off of her)

    Ellie: "What the f*** happened...."

    (Ellie staggers to get up and barely wal…

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