Here's a brief look at most perks in The Last of Us Factions MP. I might've missed a few.

Tier D (The ? Perks)

These perks are only good in rare situations or with a bit of luck. 

Pistol Auto-Zoom: This perk transforms any pistol (excluding the Shorty) into a COD zoomed sidearm. However, for most pistols, this will mess up its versatility factor since without skill with quickly firing, the pistol becomes extremely difficult to use at close range. Plus, it makes your FOV even worse than with normal aiming, making it easier to be shivved/snuck up on. This perk is one to avoid at all costs, unless players are doing challenges or something similar.

Fortitude: While this perk has a great use in Survivors and Supply Raid, it will not be as effective in Interrogation. Longer bleed out time is great when respawns are limited, but in Interrogation, you sometimes want to bleed out. If you bleed out quicker around enemies before they can reach you, they don't get their interrogations. You can use it after the enemy has found your lockbox to survive longer, but be warned. Players have learned not to execute enemies guarding a lockbox so they have more time to open it. Unlike Pistol Auto-Zoom, this perk is considerable. 

Tier C (The Specific Perks)

These perks focus on certain loadout combinations, but are not great for general use or new players.

Executioner: This only works on loadouts focused on loadouts designed for executions and shivs. Extremely risky, but not the worst perk on certain loadouts.

Collector: Only designed for loadouts that want to sacrifice a chunk of loadout points for a small increase of parts. If need be, the better idea is to just save up a bunch of Parts Earned Increase One-Use Boosters.

Lethal Efficiency: Really only good for loadouts focused on special executions like Executioner. It also prevents the player from using any of the new special exection abilities (such as the armor breaking ones).

Explosion Expert: Only good when combined with Launcher or loadouts focused on explosives.

Hawk-Eyed: Only good with classes that focus on marking and support.

Damage Marker: Practically the same as Hawk-Eyed's benefits.

Tier B (The General Perks)

Covert Training: A great perk useful for any player who wants to be stealthy. Level 1 is somewhat useless if the player is not skilled with shivving.

Marathon Runner: Useful for rush tactics and run and gun.

Brawler: A must-have for any class focused on melee and close range. Also great combined with the Machete or 2x4.

Agility: Combine this with Marathon Runner for some awesome run and gun tactics. Do not spray and pray though.

Strategist: Extremely useful when you aren't great at listening for audio prompts for marking. Also useful at Level 3 for team spawning, but not recommended for new players due to the high loadout point cost.

Awareness: A DLC perk that allows you to see enemy nametags at a much further distance. Useful for snipers and more carefully planned strategies.

Tier A (The New Player/Very Useful Perks)

First Aid Training: Useful for any class for faster healing in firefights. One of the only medic perks in the game.

Reviver: Useful for any support class. The only other medic perk besides First Aid Training.

Crafter: Useful for any class that requires fast crafting in the heat of battle. A solid support perk as well.

Second Chance: Extremely useful for players who have off days or when you are unable to find medikits. Easily outclasses Fortitude with its increased ammo and cheaper armor after two or more deaths without a kill.

Sharpshooter: A highly sought perk for snipers and players who wish for headshots and less damage wobble that could save your life.

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