Simply put, hackers are a huge problem in video games. Now they are popping up in The Last of Us, so I came up with a good system to catch these unfair players, and ban them to put them in their place.

First off, you see a player do something that is off, i.e shoot through cover, infinite ammo, buffed health, etc.

Start by doing this, and this may take a while.

1. Test it. It could be a glitch, so host a Private Match with a few friends and try it out for yourself. If you can shoot through the cover as well, it's called an exploit. This is different from hacking because it is not player made. It forms from bugs in The Last of Us, and this is remedied by being updated. However, if you cannot do the same could be hacking. An example of something that is player made is: Buffed Weapon Damage. This is interesting because it is not the kind of mod that lets weapons one shot opponents. It just raises the damage enough to be more lethal than it actually is. The mod could buff a Semi Auto Rifle's body shot damage into headshot damage (how to check? You can see faint smoke trails of bullets, but not arrows.), some weapons that are suspectible to this are the Semi Auto Rifle, the Burst Rifle, the 9mm Pistol, and the Shorty.

What about lag? Everyone has probably lagged at some point. Server lag, FPS lag, and the list goes on. Yeesh. This can get annoying, but it isn't hacking (lag switches can change this rule) unless it happens too often and helps the player too much.

2. Think about lag. Now sometimes lag can affect players in different ways, like shooting through walls. However, lag only happens so often. Lag doesn't happen always at the exact moment when the player is in trouble, therefore, if someone seemingly shoots through a wall once or twice, and it doesn't happen for a while, then it's lag. If the player downs your whole team through a wall, it's hacking. Or if it happens too often and helps the player get out of sticky situations, it's hacking.

Now then, bringing back exploits, this can also mean different things in The Last Of Us. Like so:

-Some windows or surfaces can be shot through (Like on Bill's Town or Checkpoint)

-You can travel outside the map (Coal Mine is a perfect example)

-Height advantage can let you shoot through low cover objects (Mostly any map)

3. The Obvious Factor. This is the easiest one to use against hackers. Point out what crud they pulled during the match, and see what happens. Sometimes people just try to deny it. Now, the accusation should proceed with caution from here. The lag factor should come into play, and if it was lag, don't bother heckling the player who you think cheated. Of course, some hacks are obvious. Infinite Ammo is an obvious one. So are God Mode, Buffed Health, and No-Smoke Front Shiv (personal name). 

4. Variables. This includes some of the exploits. You need to remember how your opponent killed you and where did they kill you. If they killed you behind low cover and they were above you, it probably was just a case of height advantage. Testing which surfaces can be shot through is important, as well as other factors and variables.

I will close this blog with a simple message:

"As a player, it is your responsibilty to play fair and report those who use unfair means."

Good Luck, and enjoy a fair game!

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