• CJwat11

    Here's a brief look at most perks in The Last of Us Factions MP. I might've missed a few.

    Tier D (The ? Perks)

    These perks are only good in rare situations or with a bit of luck. 

    Pistol Auto-Zoom: This perk transforms any pistol (excluding the Shorty) into a COD zoomed sidearm. However, for most pistols, this will mess up its versatility factor since without skill with quickly firing, the pistol becomes extremely difficult to use at close range. Plus, it makes your FOV even worse than with normal aiming, making it easier to be shivved/snuck up on. This perk is one to avoid at all costs, unless players are doing challenges or something similar.

    Fortitude: While this perk has a great use in Survivors and Supply Raid, it will not be as effective…

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  • CJwat11

    Simply put, hackers are a huge problem in video games. Now they are popping up in The Last of Us, so I came up with a good system to catch these unfair players, and ban them to put them in their place.

    First off, you see a player do something that is off, i.e shoot through cover, infinite ammo, buffed health, etc.

    Start by doing this, and this may take a while.

    1. Test it. It could be a glitch, so host a Private Match with a few friends and try it out for yourself. If you can shoot through the cover as well, it's called an exploit. This is different from hacking because it is not player made. It forms from bugs in The Last of Us, and this is remedied by being updated. However, if you cannot do the same could be hacking. An example o…

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