A feature I'd like in any future TLoU game is a sandbox on-line multi-player world. In this, you could find your own path and adventure. One aspect of this would be character creation. I suggest that this should be based around six distinct character classes around which you could form your character. These would have several basic skills and would reward developing and equipping the character in a certain way.

My suggested classes are:

  1. Sniper - Long-range fighter but generally weak or at least hesitant at hand-to-hand; also acts as a scout; Load-out is biased to long-range weapons like the Scoped Hunting Rifle with only light close-range weapons;
  1. Skirmisher - A bit like Joel (and my future Ellie); a jack-of-all-trades with fairly balanced skills, abilities and load-out;
  2. Brawler - Close-range specialist with skills maxed out for close-range fighting; specialises in melee/hand-to-hand and carries powerful close-range weapons like Shorty and the Enforcer;
  3. Scrounger - Skills biased towards scavenging and crafting; load-out varies but tends to be unusual and/or customised kit like the Frontier Rifle or El Diablo as they have the skills to source ammo and parts;
  4. Healer - Skills biased towards medical and food resource location and efficient use of medical kits and producing Supplements from local raw materials; tends to be a non-combat unit so only lightly armed;
  5. Trader - Skills tend towards charm, barter and even intimidation; can always get good deals at markets or in negotiations with smugglers; has a good danger sense and tends to use his defensive load-out sparingly unless in a tight corner;
  6. Shadow - Specialised scout/infiltrator unit; skills optimised towards stealth and close-range fighting; tends to have good people skills; load-out tends to have silent weapons like bows or suppressed pistols as well as a bewildering array of blades for back-stabbing;

I'm slowly developing in my head the story of Ellie's particular squad for the single-player campaign. It's something like this:

  • Ellie - Skirmisher; team leader, mostly by way of experience but also because she said so and no-one really wants to deal with that;
  • Jason - Sniper; life-long resident of Jackson. Wary of Ellie, who comes from such a different background that he has a hard time understanding her; brave enough in a fight but a bit of a braggart and a wannabe ladies' man; for some reason, his behaviour frustrates Ellie to no end;
  • Isabella - Healer; family expelled from an independent safe-zone after her mother (something of a religious zealot) was suspected of murdering her father. Three brothers, all assholes; two of them were killed and her mother and the surviving brother were expelled from Jackson after several incidents; Isabella was allowed to stay as she was obviously an innocent party (one of the incidents was their mistreatment of her for her 'blasphemous' interest in herb-craft); something of an introvert outside of her field of speciality - Ellie is fiercely protective of her as one of her first friends in Jackson;
  • Tony - Brawler; one of a group of children that were being dragged along by a Hunter group that Joel took out about a year after TLoU. Big, friendly guy who always has a joke and has absolutely no resentment for being freed (over their dead bodies) from those abusive assholes that brought him into the world;
  • Mary-Ann - Trader; highly charismatic and, surprisingly for these times, a rather sexual personality; has no problems using charm to get whatever she wants but pray that you never get on her bad side - those fully-upgraded shivs and 9mm pistol aren't just for show, you know! Flirts with Ellie on occasion but she arguably flirts with everyone, so no-one really considers it significant;
  • DK (short for Donald Kyle) - Scrounger; mechanical and crafting wonder-kind from Jackson; parents were former Fireflies who abandoned Marlene with Tommy; he is still true to 'the faith'; he saw Ellie wearing Riley's pendant (she never takes it off, these days) and that elevated her in his mind to a demi-goddess; Ellie has no intention of telling him that it isn't her pendant; has turned the use of his upgraded Launcher into a fine art and has worked out how to use empty bottles as point-blank ammo for the weapon;
  • Gino - Shadow; son of refugees from unstable and borderline-failed Portland QZ; quiet, dangerous and very clear that he, rather than Ellie, should be in charge; he'll obey orders (he respects her abilities too much); he just never sees the need to hide it when he disagrees with her; despite this, he flirts outrageously with Ellie, possibly just to try to distract or confuse her during debates.

Tommy and Maria consider the 'Trouble-making kids' (as Joel semi-jokingly describes them) as useful tools to get some medium-criticality stuff done. They can scour an abandoned town for salvage, gather large amounts of resources (especially hunting/gathering in the wilderness), investigate nearby 'tourists' and scout out possible threats. The leadership of Jackson would never send them into serious harm's way, it's just that Ellie is good at finding it (mostly by accident).

Of course, Ellie has never fogotten the need for her survival to have some greater meaning. She'll take a long detour and confront extreme odds (alone, if necessary) if it gets her any closer to finding the way to make her Immunity into a Cure.

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